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Living in a cold country can be challenging especially during the winter months where the road is covered with ice, your house is coated with snow, and your car is buried under tons of ice and snow. You can solve the snow problem by using an efficient ice scraper. An ice scraper is used to scrape away any ice build-up on the surfaces of the glass of your car window or house window. It also scrapes away other surfaces that are affected by the snow. Here are some of the best ice scraper we found in the market.

Snow Joe SJBLZD Telescoping Snow Broom with Ice Scraper

You don’t have to worry about your snow problem during the winter when you have an efficient ice scraper like this product. The good thing about this product is you get an ice scraper and snow broom in one product. One end is an efficient snow broom that lets you brush away any wet snow or ice that accumulated all around your vehicle easily. The other end is an ice scraper that can easily scrape away any ice deposits on your glass window surfaces. With this, you don’t have to worry about scratching your car since the snow broom is made of non-abrasive foam.

This product is designed to tackle even the toughest snow and ice built-up that you have. You can maximize your snow and ice cleanup at a minimal effort and less strain. You don’t even have to worry about the hard to reach areas of your vehicle since you can use the telescopic design of this product. You can twist the handle and extend it to the length that you needed, then twist it close to use. You can dismantle and store it cleanly at the back of your vehicle or hang it in your garage.

CJ Industries F101 Fantastic Ice Scraper with Brass Blade 

The next product on our list is a highly rated and highly recommended ice scraper. It has a brass blade that’s guaranteed to protect the surface of your vehicle or your glass window while scraping off the build of ice on it. Even though this product has a simple design, you can rely on this product to do its job of scraping of the problematic ice build-up on your vehicle. The overall construction of this product is quite durable so you can expect to use this for a very long time. The price is very affordable too which is good. This product is unlike the plastic ones that you find in the market.

Since this is made of brass, it can easily scrape off any ice accumulation during winter. Don’t be deceived by the picture of the product. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how wide this ice scraper is. You can finish scraping the ice all over your car in an instant. The good thing about using brass ice scrapers like this one is it stays flat, unlike the plastic ones. You don’t even have to apply too much pressure when you scrape off the ice from your vehicle.

Hopkins Subzero Ice Crusher Ice Scraper

This is another highly rated ice scraper that we found in the market. The price is pretty inexpensive for such an efficient and high-quality product that can give you amazing performance in scraping off that stubborn and problematic ice build-up on your vehicle. This product has a portable design that makes it easier for you to bring along whenever you need it. You can just pop it at the back of your car in case of emergencies. The overall build of this product is quite solid and durable so you can expect to use this for years on end. It has an innovative design that lets you comfortably use this whenever you need to.

The ergonomic design of this product allows you to rest your thumb and palm on the resting shape of the handle of this scraper. It gives you that extra boost of leverage so as not to give strain to your hands when you scrape off the ice on the surface of your car. The handle has a soft foam grip that’s shaped like an oval for an added comfort. The blade of the ice scraper is wide enough to scrape off the edges of your glass window. You can finish scraping off the ice from your car easily and quickly with this.


You don’t have to suffer from the ice and snow build-up during the winter seasons. It’s important that you are well-equipped during the problematic times caused a heavy snow storm by using the best ice scraper to scrape off the accumulated ice all over your vehicle and other outdoor items. You need to choose an ice scraper that’s durable and efficient in scraping off the ice without adding strain to your hands and muscles. It should have a wide head in order to finish the job quickly. Make sure it’s a portable one so you can bring it along anywhere.

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