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If you’re looking for the best hookah to use for your hookah sessions then it’s better to know what to choose and where you can get them. A hookah may be single stemmed or multi-stemmed, you can choose which one you prefer to use. This instrument can vaporize flavored tobacco by smoking it. What makes this smoking tool unique is the smoke itself actually passes through a water basin. The water basin is often made of glass. This smoking instrument is believed to have originated from India. Here are some of the best hookah you can find on the market.

GSTAR Premium 2 Hose Hookah Complete Set

GSTAR 11" Premium 2 Hose Hookah Complete Set - Mini Pumpkin Hookah Glass Vase - Pick Your Color (Ninja Black)

The most popular hookah product you can find on the market is this one. This hookah has two hoses so you don’t have to share the same hookah hose with the person you want to smoke with. The hose is 11 inches long as you can relax on your couch while you smoke with your aromatic tobacco. This product has some built-in air plugs and even has stem valves which will automatically close when you’re not using this to smoke. The good thing about this product is it’s easy to assemble, unlike other products. It’s also easy to clean too.

Sheesha Narghile Hookah Set

4 Hose Hookah Shisha MIDNIGHT CHILL Black 22" Sheesha Narghile Hookah Set

Planning to have a wide hookah party with friends? You can set this amazing hookah up and have four friends simultaneously smoke hookah tobacco with the use of this product. It has four hoses measuring 22 inches long that you can use. You don’t have to share your hookah hose with anyone and decrease the risk of getting infectious diseases this way. The hoses are washable including its laser cut mouthpieces. Setting this hookah set up is very easy. In order to filter out the toxic chemicals you might inhale from smoking this product has a charcoal screen.

Zebra Smoke Starter Series: 2 Hose Hookah Combo Set w/ Instant Charcoal

Zebra Smoke Starter Series: 18" 2 Hose Hookah Combo Kit Set w/ Instant Charcoal (Like Three Kings Charcoal), Hydro Herbal Molasses(like Blue Mist), and Hookah Mouth Tips Smokes More Then Hookah Pen (BlacK)

This is an affordable hookah set. It has two hookah hosts measuring 18 inches long. In order to filter out any harmful ingredients from your tobacco this product has a charcoal screen and even molasses. You also get a carry case making it convenient and easy for you to bring the whole hookah set anywhere you wanted to. Some of the parts you get with this product are glass vase, ceramic bowl, an ashtray and its synthetic leather hose among others. Setting this hookah up is super easy. You also get some free hookah charcoal when you purchase this.


If you and your friends are fond of smoking hookah then it’s better to invest on the best hookah. It’s up to you whether you wanted to get a single-hosed hookah or you can get a multi-hosed hookah so you don’t have to share your hookah hose with your friends or family. Make sure that the product you purchase is made of high-quality materials. Setting up the hookah set should be easy and hassle-free. It’s also important that you get a hookah set with efficient filtration system so it can filter out all the harmful ingredients from tobacco or charcoal.

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