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A hookah coal will keep your shisha sessions going, but it is often overlooked since most people would think that a hookah coal is just a hookah coal. However, if you think about it, your hookah coal needs to burn longer and it should also be tasteless. There are quick lighting hookah coals and there are natural coals. The latter is easy to use, but the former allows for supreme performance in most aspects.

Since it can be quite confusing to pick the right hookah coal to use, we have tested three different hookah coals to check their performance and quality. Read on to find out the best hookah coal for you to use.

Coco Nara Hookah Shisha Natural Charcoals

Coco Nara Hookah Shisha Natural Charcoals, 120 count

The first hookah coal that we have tried is the Coco Nara Hookah Shisha Natural Charcoals, which is made from compressed coconut shell. There is no sulfur used to make this hookah coal, which allows it to burn almost completely and cleanly. If you want an economical solution to your cooking needs, this is an ideal hookah coal since there are 120 pieces of hookah coal. In addition to this, the coal burns fully, leaving only 5% for the ashes. Moreover, it can burn up to an hour, but you need to heat it up for five to eight minutes before it completely lights up. In terms of use, this can be heated on an electric coil burner or a stovetop. It is also tasteless, which means that your food will retain its natural flavor. You can enjoy your meal without having to worry about any charcoal flavor on your food. Finally, each hookah coal measures 25 x 25 x 17 mm.

Starlight Charcoal, 1 Box, 10 Rolls, 100 Tablets

Starlight Charcoal, 1 Box, 10 Rolls, 100 Tablets

The next hookah coal on our list is the Starlight Charcoal with ten rolls each. Each roll, on the other hand, comes with ten tablets each for a total of 100 tablets. When using this product, it is important not to light it up with any petrol derivative. Moreover, it is important to use this in an open space because it will provide sufficient ventilation. This charcoal has a tendency to spark, so you have to proceed with extreme caution. Moreover, it tends to crumble, which means that you have to handle it carefully. It doesn’t light up as much as you would want, which may lead you to believe that it is not burning. You may end up touching it and this will lead to accidents. The great thing about this hookah coal is that it was able to burn evenly, but you may not expect a long burning time. Overall, it was quite affordable with some issues here and there. However, you can expect great quality from the Starlight Hookah Coal.

Hookah4sale Charcoal Zebra Smoke Hookah Charcoal 50 Tablets

Hookah4sale Charcoal Zebra Smoke Hookah Charcoal 50 Tablets, Hooka Huka Sheesha Nargila Coals for Shisha Smoking-Instant Light Coals

The final hookah coal on the list is the Hookah4sale Charcoal Zebra Smoke Hookah Charcoal. It comes with 50 Tablets that has been divided to 5 rolls. This is not the best performing hookah coal when it comes to quality, but it is also one of the more affordable hookah coals in town. This is ideal for smaller hookahs, but you have to be warned about its smell because it is quite strong. It may end up disrupting the flavor of your shisha due to the strong smell. It may take forever before it lights up, which can test your patience. It also allowed for quick burning, which means that you will end up consuming more hookah coal than necessary. In addition to this, they tend to crumble instantly. If you are only willing to spend a small amount on your hookah coal at limited quantities, the Hookah4sale Charcoal is ideal for you.


And now that we have finished testing the best hookah coal options, we have concluded that the efficiency of a hookah coal can rely on how well you use it. It is important to pick a hookah coal that will not crumble easily. It is also vital that it burns longer because it will keep you from spending more than necessary. We hope that this review has helped you picked a hookah coal that will make your shisha session longer and better.

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