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If you’ve experienced smoking Fumari and Al-Fakher shisha, then you’ll know that there’s a huge difference in moisture. When smoking Fumari tobacco, you’ll know the all the juice from the Shisha will go straight down to the pipe. If you like smoking Fumari shisha, then you know the importance of the best hookah bowl.

Without a reliable hookah bowl, then the moisture can go all over the place. Cleaning the mess afterward is not an enjoyable task, which is why you should consider getting the bowl to have a mess-free shisha session.

Smoke Mart Zebra Large Ceramic Hookah Bowl

Smoke Mart Zebra Large Ceramic Hookah Bowl with Wind Cover,(Colors may vary)

The package of the Smoke Mart Zebra Large Ceramic Hookah Bowl includes one wind cover, one charcoal screen, and the ceramic hookah bowl. The bowl also comes with a cover lid to protect the contents from being blown away.

For what it’s worth, you might not be getting a ton of features, but it does its job pretty well. In fact, this is one of the cheapest hookah bowls you can find in the entire market. It is a case of “What You See Is What You Get,” but with some additional features to give a modest level of value. Nonetheless, the durability is excellent for its price, but it’s recommended for users to use only two coals with one to smoke with because the bowl can go to scorching temperatures.

BudPro Hookah Silicone Phunnel Bowl

If there’s a definite advantage to using the BudPro Hookah Silicone Phunnel Bowl, it’s that the unit can provide cleaner smoke. This hookah bowl is quick to heat, especially when the air vents are closed. Therefore, you can get reasonably large clouds pretty early in the session. Also, it can help retain the taste of your favorite flavors, and it has a unique design to keep the shisha juices from spilling out while keeping the tobacco as moist as possible.

If the temperatures do get to unsafe scorching levels, then you can open up the air vents. Close the vents once more to heat the hookah shisha again. With its features, it promotes easy heating control to make sure that each shisha smoking session is a memorable one.

Apple on Top Hookah Bowl

Apple on Top Hookah Bowl (Black)

One look at the Apple on Top Hookah Bowl and you might scoff or even laugh at the dinky thing. The manufacturer has one clear goal in mind – to make the smallest possible hookah bowl on the market. On that note, they’ve pretty much nailed their objective on the head. Despite its tiny construction, it can still deliver the full Hookah shisha smoking experience. Therefore, interested buyers that might have a challenging space to work with inside their homes can seek this hookah bowl to accommodate their cramped surroundings.

It even has a refined unibody so you don’t have to deal with multiple parts. This is a small hookah bowl at a reasonable price point but with a deep cup.

What to Look For?

When looking for the best hookah bowl, there are some things to note before purchasing the shisha accessory. First of all, consider the material of the bowl; there are high-quality clay hookah bowls on the market that do a good job in trapping the moisture within the container. Some clay bowls are also handcrafted, which does make for a better appeal than standard units, but these generally contain high price tags.

Aside from the material of the hookah bowl, consider looking for one with a raised opening. Having a raised opening means that it can trap the juice and preserve the flavor of the tobacco. There are also two other variants of hookah bowls that might catch your fancy, which is vortex and Phunnel bowls. For the Phunnel bowl, it has a raised large hole in the middle, while the vortex model has a raised center but has smaller holes located on the sides of the central unit.


Search for the right hookah bowl that fits your specific requirements, especially when you’re looking at your spending allowance. There are hookah bowls that are pricier than others, but these tend to have a higher-quality than most. Purchasing a good bowl for your shisha sessions can help you make the most out of the experience.

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