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Fire is one of the most important elements in the lives of human beings. It is not just essential for Comfort but it is also essential for survival. Of course we may not exactly or totally understand how far is created because somehow It’s so very scientific still I know that we all understand how it can save a life.

Even from history long time ago fire is used to give us warmth. Although humans like us for example no longer live outside the environment where nights could get really cold in the winter can be very dangerous because these days we already have a solid houses which are great shelters going out for example like traveling or Camping still requires us to be ready in case it becomes dangerous outside or in case we become isolated. A fire can be very essential to keep us warm and avoid any possibility of hypothermia.
Aside from that he also this is vision. Of course we already have electricity batteries for emergency lights but just in case we wouldn’t be able to have this accessabilities being able to create fire could be also a great help whenever you need it the most. We all understand how fun it is to go camping and stay outside but we also know that there are risks. That’s why It’s always better to be ready than sorry.

Ultimate Survival Technologies Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter

The first item on the list is surely made of high-quality. Aside from that it has also been tested in field and surely it would be a good addition to your survival gear. This item only ways for two ounces and it can hold one g of fuel. It’s ignition system is made of piezo electric which is absolutely impressive because it can make up to 30,000 ignition in total.

Looking at it on the outside it is Absolutely not the same with common Lighters. It has an armor for itself which is made of elastomer. It totally covers the outer area which gives the lighter great resistance against strong impact. This ensures that no matter what kind of fall or pressure it would go through it would still be very durable and useful.
Aside from its capability to withstand strong impacts or pressure this item is also persistent against the wind. This is what makes it ideal for hiking or camping because it can resist winds of 70 even up to 18 miles per hour of wind and still maintains to burn clean. It has a dimension of 1 inches by 2 inches by 2.6 inches which makes it very compact and easy to carry around. Needless to say this lighter is indeed portable. In addition to that it’s color comes in black and it is very clean.

Xikar 9660BK Stratosphere II Lighter

Xikar 9660BK Stratosphere II Lighter In Black Stratosphere Ii Lighter In Black

The next item on our list will surely give you a lot of options with its color. You can choose black green blue or clear. By the color of clear you can actually see the inside of the lighter which makes it very unusual yet somehow unique. As we go along with the details and the information about this item I am certain that you would also discover a lot of more unique things that are also beneficial and makes this lighter even more efficient.

It has a single jet flame in you can activate the ignition using your thumb. it also has spring assistance and includes a protective lid. This item will surely perform very well even on wet conditions or weather and windy days. On the outer it has a body made of rubber which makes it resistance from flame itself and of course from wind. Another reason why the rubber body works very well is because it provides a comfortable secure and easy grip.
Specifically it has dimension of 3.5 in by 1 inch by 1.5 inches. I would also say that it is light in weight because it only measures 2.4 Oz. However despite of the size of it I can show you that it works very well and that it would provide you what you need whenever and wherever. It is a reliable item and I wouldn’t hesitate saying that you won’t regret buying this one.

ETERNITY Lighters™: Flameless Electronic Rechargeable Windproof Premium Cigarette or Candle Lighter

The first time I’ve heard about this item I was quite shocked because I find it unusual with a lighter to be endorsed as flameless. But just like me you might be thankful about this unique feature. This lighter is electronic which makes it easy and quick to use. Despite of that it provides enough power so that you can use it anywhere. It has a dual Arc that is resistant against wind and can start up a light with a single press of a button.

You can actually recharge it so you don’t have to fill it in with fuel. This itself make makes it very environmentally friendly and it comes light in your pocket. Maybe it could also help you save a bit of money because you don’t have to buy butane gas or fluids that can be very risky and harmful just so you can use your lighter. In case you are asking how to recharge it this one can actually be charged using a USB cable. Just connect it with a power Bank in for 2 hours it would be fully ready. After that you can use it as long as or as many as 100 to 300 lights up.
By the way I also would really like to mention that this lighter looks expensive and unique and it would be a good gift idea. It looks very classy and you can actually choose three colors. If you want something plain and simple but still beautiful you can pick black matte but if you want something a little bit more luxurious looking you can also choose silvery matte. Then if you want something extremely appealing you can also choose golden matte. Don’t worry because this item comes with a very presentable box and anyone you would give this to would absolutely appreciate it.

UST Trekker Stormproof Lighter

UST Trekker Stormproof Lighter, Blaze Orange

Personally I really love the color of orange. Luckily this item comes in that exact color. Lots of you may not exactly like that but of course there is a reason as to why it’s been designed that way. We all know but in some emergency cases things can get messy along the way. But you see in case you would come looking four objects that can save you and help you survive in a risky or dangerous situation the color of this lighter will easily pop up so then you won’t have much of a hard time looking for it.

This light it has been tested on the field which ensures highest quality. It can withstand 70 to 80 miles per hour of wind. It is also in close with stainless wire made of steel which conceals it well to be watertight and sealed. It can hold 4G fuel which is somewhat equal to 1000 ignitions.
Among everything else this one might be the lightest of all because it only has a weight of 0.02 pounds. It’s measurement is 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches by 3.7 inches. I guess it’s safe to say this lighter is small but terrible because it would remain efficient and it would be working well under whatever weather or conditions. You won’t be disappointed but what this item can offer to you.

Xikar Stratosphere High Altitude Black Torch Lighter

Xikar Stratosphere High Altitude Black Torch Lighter

Despite of being last on the list I can testify that this lighter is one of the best among everything else that you can find. Starting from the outer looks this item is covered in armor made of rubber. This armor is colored in Black with a seemingly checkered design. It only weighs 4 oz in despite of its tiny body it remains strong and durable. It can easily provide you fire at any altitude.

Just imagine hiking on a mountain and suddenly you become hungry. If ever that moment you run out of food would you have brought with you you can actually try cooking. Aside from that if ever there is an emergency while you are hiking on top you can use it to light a fire and give a signal or you can just simply keep yourself warm with the help of this lighter.
I guess we can say that the name of this item is very well Justified. You see the word stratosphere probably indicates that this lighter can work and will work efficiently even if you would bring it to the highest levels on Earth like our stratosphere. Who would know unless would get the try right? by the way an additional feature about this item is that it has a lanyard with it so that you won’t be easily lost while you are keeping it inside your pocket or while you’re holding it.


To see for yourself the details of each item, would surely help you in picking the best. Altogether, we simply have to remember the purpose of why we are getting ourselves a high altitude lighter. That is something out of my business already but of course this would determine which feature stands out the most for you.

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