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Getting the best heated mitten means you don’t have to miss out on winter sports because your hands get cold easily. This is ideal when you plan to stay outdoors to enjoy fun activities in the snow. They’ll keep your hands warm. More importantly, they’ll remain dry. Hence, your winter outdoor experience will be comfortable. Best of all, you won’t miss out on the fun because of your frigid fingers.

Alternatively, you could consider getting snow gloves for your outdoor activities. In fact, these offer greater dexterity. Consequently, they’re a great choice if you plan to work. For instance, you need to handle snow gear. While mittens don’t offer the same amount of dexterity, they do keep your hands warmer because of its construction. Since your fingers are kept together underneath the fabric, they’re able to generate their own heat on top of the heat produced by the mitten. Hence, doubling the warmth you get compared to gloves. That’s a welcoming thought when you’re outdoors trying to enjoy winter activities.

The best heated mitten lets you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or even a rough hike in freezing temperatures. So, there’s no need to sit out on the fun when you have this on. As you can expect, a quick online search for a heated mitten product yields numerous results. You’ll encounter a wide variety of brands offering products that have different features. So, which heated mitten will meet your specific needs?

To give you a better idea of what the best heated mitten is like, we feature the top products in this category. Check out each one to find out what each product has to offer. At the same time, you’ll get a clearer picture of what the best heated mitten is.

Heatmax Heated Fleece Mittens

HeatMax 3 in 1 HandMuff

The Heatmax Heated Fleece Mittens provides the ultimate warmth while you’re enjoying the outdoors despite the freezing temperature. Hence, you’ll remain comfortable the whole time while wearing it. Unlike other products in this category, the Heatmax Heated Fleece Mittens doesn’t work with batteries or are charged via USB cables.

The product works in conjunction with the manufacturer’s own warmer technology. Hence, the pockets integrated into the mittens. This is where you’ll insert the HotHands warmers. Each purchase of this product comes with a pair of warmers free. It features 3M® Thinsulate™ so you can be sure the heat it provides lasts long.

The Heatmax Heated Fleece Mittens is ideal for use when playing sports outdoors. It’s also great to have if you plan to go hunting or fishing. Keep it handy when camping and hiking. Its TruGrip leather palm guarantees you’ll have a firm hold while going about your activities. This product is available in two sizes, Medium/Large and Large/X-Large.

VentureHeat Epic 2.0 Battery Heated Mittens

The VentureHeat Epic 2.0 Battery Heated Mittens give you the added warmth you desire while you’re enjoying the cold weather outdoors. In fact, it takes heating to the next level with its onboard control panel. This feature lets you control the temperature so you can adjust it accordingly. Now that’s convenience readily available at your fingertips.

For your greater comfort, the slim-profile lithium-ion batteries of the VentureHeat Epic 2.0 Battery Heated Mittens are kept in a side pocket. Thus, they won’t be a hindrance to whatever you’ve got planned. Every purchase of this product includes two Lithium ion batteries and the battery charger. The VentureHeat Epic 2.0 Battery Heated Mittens is available in six sizes from X-Small to XX-Large. The price varies depending on size.

Seirus Innovation 1089 Women’s Ladies Heat Touch Ignite Cold Weather Rechargeable Heated Mitts

Any woman would fall in love with the Seirus Innovation 1089 Women’s Ladies Heat Touch Ignite Cold Weather Rechargeable Heated Mitts. The product is designed specifically to keep female hands warm while outdoors working in the cold.

Its material is premium full grain leather so it’s stylish. Beyond its good looks, the mitts are completely functional. It offers Primaloft and HeatLock insulation, so you don’t have to worry about frigid fingers. For greater convenience, you can manage the wrist and cuff cinch with only one hand.

The Seirus Innovation 1089 Women’s Ladies Heat Touch Ignite Cold Weather Rechargeable Heated Mitts is battery operated. It also has 3 heat settings. The battery juice lasts for up to 6 hours.

EXO2 – HeatMitt Pro Heated Mittens

EXO2 - HeatMitt Pro Heated Mittens (including (2) 3.7v Lithium-Ion Batteries and 2-Way Charger) - M - Black

The EXO2 – HeatMitt Pro Heated Mitten is designed to meet your expectations. It does the job of keeping your hands warm in cold weather. It’s a boon especially to people who suffer from cold hand syndrome or experience finger problems when the temperature drops. Thus, they’re able to go about their daily activities with the help of this product.

The EXO2 – HeatMitt Pro Heated Mittens is battery operated. Two 3.7v Lithium-Ion batteries are included with every purchase of this product along with the corresponding 2-way charger. The product is available in four sizes from small to x-large. However, it only comes in the color black.

Maxima Heated Mittens

Every part of your hand including your thumb will stay warm with the Maxima Heated Mittens. So you can go about your winter activities and play sports without getting cold. The product features a Zero Layer heat system. As a result, it’s less bulky compared to other products in this category. Yet it’s still able to capitalize on heat transfer.

The design of the Maxima Heated Mittens features nubuck thumb accents as well as a rubber palm. These enable you to have a better grip. At the same time, makes the product more durable. The product is battery operated. Every purchase includes two 7v batteries and its battery charger. The Maxima Heated Mittens is available in two sizes, Small and Large.

What to look for

Shopping for your best heated mitten doesn’t need to be a guessing game. In fact, your purchase should always yield the winning choice. To help take the guesswork out of the equation, we highlight the best qualities you should look out for in the best heated mitten. In doing so, you stand a better chance of getting the best product that meets your specific needs.

  • Construction – It’s important to Inspect the construction of the mitten for several reasons. First is insulation, the product should maintain the warmth of your hands in cold weather as well as in wet conditions. In addition, it would be helpful for the mitten’s material to be breathable. This helps ensure moisture won’t build up inside. This is a boon if you’re prone to sweating. Second, check for additional features that offer comfort and convenience. The wrist cinch helps secure the mitten when you’re wearing it. The addition of long cuffs that can extend over the jacket sleeves prevents the entry of freezing wind and snow up your arms. It would also be nice if the mitten included a leash or wrist cord. This can be helpful to secure the mitten to your wrist so that you don’t have to worry about it falling off if you’re on the chairlift.
  • Size – Choosing the right size of the mitten is important so that you can fully utilize the product. Keep in mind the proper fit should provide an allowance of at least ¼ inch from the tip of your fingers while they’re spread out. This means there’s enough room for your hands to move, yet it won’t be too loose. Likewise, if you make a fist, the fit shouldn’t be too tight to stretch out the material too much. To help you determine your right size, make it a point to check the sizing chart of the manufacturer to get an accurate measurement.
  • Power source – You have two options for the power source of a heated mitten. Some products utilize batteries while others use USB charging cables. The battery-powered heated mitten is typically the lithium-ion variety. Hence, they’re rechargeable. If you plan to use the heated mitten outdoors for only a couple of hours then you should’ve have no problems with it. However, if you plan to stay out in the freezing cold the whole day, then you might consider bringing extra batteries with you as a precaution. Alternatively, you could try quick-charging batteries for a speedy recharge in the middle of the day. Heated mittens that feature USB charging cables are more restrictive as this need to be plugged continuously for it to stay warm.
  • Material – Ideally, it would help if the palms of the heated mitten were made of leather. Unlike a synthetic material, leather palms offer a better grip when holding your ski poles. Moreover, the material is more resistant to abrasion. Hence, they’ll last longer.
  • Price – Admittedly, the best heated mitten doesn’t come cheap. However, some of the expensive products offer additional features that you might not have a use for. Hence, you can still find the right product within your budget regardless of price range. Yet you shouldn’t sacrifice quality. Sometimes it might be worth it to spend a bit more for a heated mitten that can last through several winters instead of one that breaks up after just one season.
  • Care – To ensure your heated mitten can last you for another season or two, it’s best to check the manufacturer’s instructions on care.


Finding the best heated mitten for winter will be easier if you keep in mind these factors. In doing so, you’ll successfully sort out which products meet your criteria. Eventually, you’ll be able to whittle down your options to a particular product that satisfies you best.

To begin with, decide how much you’re willing to spend for the best heated mitten. Evaluate your choices based on its construction, power source, material, and care. Remember to check the manufacturer’s sizing chart to be sure you get the right fit.

To give you more options to choose from, remember to check out these top products in this category. Maybe one of them possesses the qualities you desire in the best heated mitten.

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