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Heat guns, otherwise known as hot air guns, are quite the useful and versatile tools. This type of equipment can emit a powerful stream of heat that can shrink, melt, loosen, or otherwise process different types of materials with the use of high-temperature levels. As you might’ve expected, heat guns come in various shapes, sizes, and types. Hence, it might be confusing for you to select the right model for your specific requirements. Here are some excellent variants you might want to check out.

Wagner Power Products 503008 HT 1000 Heat Gun

The Wagner Power Products 503008 HT 1000 Heat Gun can deliver high temperatures with its 1,200-watt prowess. It’s useful for general purposes, such as thawing pipes, stripping paint, or loosening floor tiles. Users can take advantage of 2 temperature settings, them being 750 and 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit temperature levels. You can even use it to defrost freezers or loosen rusted bolts.

Genesis GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit

The Genesis GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit, like the Wagner Power Products 504008 HT 1000 Heat Gun, has two temperature settings, but this time users can take advantage of 750 or 1,500-watt heating prowess from this device. It makes use of a powerful 12.5 amp motor, and it even has deflector nozzles to help protect glass and other surfaces from overheating. The package includes two deflector nozzles, one air reduction nozzle, and one reflector nozzle.

1500 Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun by Drill Master

The 1500 Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun by Drill Master has a superior coil design that can heat items and surfaces quicker than most similar devices on the market. It can quickly rise up to maximum temperature levels and maintain it that way for extended periods of time. It also has a 6-foot power cord so you’re not limited to working closely to a power outlet.

What to Look For?

If you’re currently selecting a heat gun on the market, know that the most important part of the entire selection process is to know how you’re going to use the tool. Since different projects call for varying levels of heat, you (as the buyer and user) should consider which tasks you’re going to use the heat gun with. In doing so, you can find a particular unit that can provide the appropriate temperature range.

Generally speaking, most craft and household projects only require lower heat levels. As for welding, construction, and major home repairs, these might require higher levels of temperature as compared to when a heat gun is only useful for arts and crafts. If you require the heat gun to use its services for a broad range of tasks, then choose a particular model that has a variable heat feature and one that has a reasonably wide temperature range as possible.

You should also consider what type of heat gun to use for your particular needs. Note that there are electric hot air heat guns, infrared heat guns, gas-powered heat guns, and industrial heat guns. Each type of heat gun on the market has its own advantages and drawbacks. Furthermore, the more high-powered the heat gun is, the more expensive it’ll be. Therefore, if you’re planning on purchasing an industrial level heat gun for your craft and household projects, then be prepared to spend quite a bit from your spending allowance to acquire the unit.


Choose the best heat gun that will suit your needs. There are heat guns on the market with features such as dual temperature, variable temperature, digital readout, ceramic heating elements, a SmartChip or microprocessor, an ergonomic design, a hook for easy storage, an accompanying surface stand, programmable settings, and even an auto-calibration functionality.

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