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Music is great in relaxing our minds from stressful works, so some people intend to bring their earphones and headsets during working hours.

Our headphones not only enables us listen to music but it also helps us hear the voices during calls. They help in our jobs just like what the computers do to us. And to maintain the functionality of this item, we must also protect them just like putting them in a reliable and tough stand.

And here are some examples of headphone stands that are available in the market today:

AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand

The first product is the AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand. This headphone stand was upgraded to be more stable and thicker.

With estimated dimensions of 9.8 inches height, 0.24 inches thickness, 2.4 inches width and 4.7 inches base respectively, this product is designed ergonomically and could create a good aesthetics in your working desks.

BRAINWAVZ Hooka The All Metal Headphone Stand Hanger

The next product is the BRAINWAVZ Hooka The All Metal Headphone Stand Hanger. This product is made specifically from high-quality material and is applicable to vertical surfaces. It is mainly made of metal which makes it strong, durable, and capable of holding different types of headphones.

This Headphone Stand Hanger will surely look good in your tables and desks because it was designed uniquely and is sturdier than any other headphone hangers.

New bee Headphone Stand

The last product is the Headphone Stand from the New bee. This item is made of aluminum and has a TPU rubber for its stability and safer usage.

Not only makes your desks look classy, this headphone stand could also carry any types of headphone such as Dre Beats Beats Solo, Sony MDR7506, Bose QC15, Sennheiser 202 HD598 HD 650 HD700, and others.

Lastly, this New bee Headphone Stand is lightweight, small in size, and it could be carried anytime and anywhere.

What to look for?

Before buying these stands, you must know first what type of headphone you will be using because it could be too big or too small for it. Check for its dimensions and how much it weighs so that you can look for an appropriate headphone stand.

You could also look for some stands that will blend to the designs and patterns of your desk.

Remember that in buying items, make sure that it will not cause you any harm and will definitely fit your budget.


Working will never be the same as long as you can listen to your favorite music. Stress will be seldom and your mind will always be at ease. Listening to some music not only relaxes your mind, but it could also be a mood changer, a strength giver, and an energy booster.

So always remember that in times of distress, you can always lean to some music. Never forget to listen, no matter how old or how trendy it will be, it will definitely give some motivation to you.

If you wish to buy for your headphone stand, make sure to check the above-mentioned products and the tips included in this article.

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