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When you are hunting, it is best to stand at a high place so that you have a better peripheral vision of the area. However, it is not ideal to stand on a tree since you can lose your balance. After all, you are not Tarzan and even if you are Tarzan, it is hard to risk your safety, especially if you have a gun in hand. This is why it is best to find the best hang on treestand on the market.

Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang-On Tree Stand

In our journey to find the best hang on tree stand, we begin with the Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang-On Tree Stand. You can easily assemble it to ensure that you can get to hunting immediately. It measures 24 x 29.5 inches and it can accommodate anyone who weighs 300 pounds and below. In addition to this, it has a suspension-style seat that measures 21 inches in height. It is equipped with a padded camo and a backrest that helps you maintain good posture. For added comfort, the armrests are also padded. The seams have been welded and it is made of steel. It is finished with green powder coating that eliminated corrosion even when exposed to changing weather conditions.

Guide Gear Hunting Hang On Tree Stand

Another tree stand that you can use when hunting is the Guide Gear Hunting Hang On Tree Stand. It is the cheapest model on the list, but it is able to stand on its own against its competitors. The steel frame measures 14 x 8 x 21.5 inches when folded. However, it measures 18 x 25.5 inches when laid flat, which means that you have sufficient space to stand up on. When compared to the previous model, it has a relatively smaller space to stand on. Since it only weighs 18 pounds, it allows you to bring it anywhere you want. However, it can carry a weight of 300 pounds and less. It makes it easy for you to go on a hunting trip and hunt for elusive animals. Moreover, there is also a flip-up seat with closed-cell foam.

Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang-On Tree Stand

Finally, we are down to the last hang on tree stand, which is the Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang-On Tree Stand. It is designed with the comfortMAX contoured tight sling seat. In addition to this, it allows for 15 degrees of lean for tree-angle adjustment. If you want to maximize the standing room on the tree stand, you can fold up the chair. The structure is made of steel, while the finish is powder coat. There is also a Cam-lock ratchet strap receiver. In terms of measurement, the foot platform measures 24 inches wide with a diameter of 37 inches. On the other hand, the seat size is at 20 x 17 inches. While it weighs 19.5 pounds, it has a capacity of 300 pounds.


When you are out hunting, you would want to be able to fire shots accurately. However, there are times when you cannot catch that deer because you did not see it immediately. After reviewing three hang on tree stands, we are certain that some models are better than the others. It is important that you pick a model that is highly stable because it will keep you safe as you hunt. In addition to this, it must be folded properly to ensure that it is portable enough to allow you to take it anywhere.

That sums up our review of the best hang on tree stand. We hope that we have helped you pick the best model to use for your hunting trip.

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