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Most people would prepare a cushioned bike seat for longer bike rides. However, it is also important to put the best handlebar tape on your bike bars to ensure that you can maintain a secure grip even if your hands are a bit sweaty. When you have a handlebar tape that sticks well to your bar and is easy to hold, it will help you last longer on your bike course.

We bought three of the most popular handlebar tapes on the market to determine the best performing handlebar tape. Read and find out the results of our review on the article below.

SRAM Supercork Bicycle Bar Tape

On top of our list for the best handlebar tape is the SRAM Supercork Bicycle Bar Tape, which is a polyurethane tape. It allows for better cushioning to keep your hands comfortable as you ride your bike. This will enable you to prevent blisters from handling the bike bars. In addition to this, you can also maintain a strong grip on the bicycle bar to prevent hand slippage when your hand is moist. It is also equipped with a 3M adhesive that allows the tape to stick better to the bar. In addition to this, your purchase also comes with a handlebar end plug and finishing tape. To ensure the authenticity of your handlebar tape, you will see that the SRAM logo is embossed in the tape.

Planet Bike Comfort GEL Road Bike Handlebar Tape with Reflective Bar Plugs

Another handlebar tape that has caught our fancy is the Planet Bike Comfort GEL Road Bike Handlebar Tape with Reflective Bar Plugs. It is a soft tape that provides comfort, which makes it convenient for the user during long bike rides. In addition to this, it also does not lose its adhesiveness when it is exposed to moisture. This allows it to provide you with an improved grip and it also enables the tape to last longer. Moreover, it does not fade and it is resistant to water. They have also been UV protected to ensure that it remains in top shape even when exposed to the sun.

Fizik Performance Bar Tape

The final handlebar tape on our list is the Fizik Performance Bar Tape. This handlebar tape measures 3mm and it provides high density on your tape. However, it is designed to be forgiving, which allows it to be comfortable to wear. You can also choose between two different finishes which are the soft and the tacky handlebar tape. The great thing about this handlebar tape is that it is washable and durable since it is made with Microtex synthetic fiber. It allows you to have a great hold on your bike’s handle, no matter what weather condition you are in. Moreover, it comes with two rolls of tape, two extra tape strips, two bar plugs, and two finishing tape.


Upon reviewing three handlebar tapes, we have determined that each model performs greatly. There is no doubt that they are the best-selling handlebar tapes on the market today. They were able to perform reliably and most of them retained its adhesiveness even during heavier rains. Moreover, it also allowed me to grip the bike bars more easily to ensure that I have better control over my directions. I wanted to give a special mention to the Fizik Performance Bar Tape because it is washable, which allowed me to maintain it well and ensure that the handlebar tape is hygienic.

We are now at the end of our review and we hope that you have found the best handlebar tape to use for your bike and other handles.

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