Best Hand Wash Under $10

Did you know that many illnesses are spread with a simple handshake? Do you see that doorknob leading to the public bathroom? It’s one of the most germ-filled areas in the entire building. So what can you do to make sure you don’t get sick from the skin contact with germs and viruses? You need to wash your hands. However, washing your hands with nothing but plain water won’t do the trick. What you need is a good bottle of hand wash to make sure these infestations are out of your pretty fingers. Read on to know some excellent examples of hand washes that you can find on the market.

Method Naturally Derived Foaming Hand Wash

The Method Naturally Derived Foaming Hand Wash contains sea minerals that help the skin on your hands stay fresh and germ-free. Its contents are naturally derived and biodegradable. Furthermore, it’s also triclosan-free. Using this hand wash will leave the hands soft and clean. Users can also take advantage of 100% recycled materials and the product has never been tested on animals.

Dial Liquid Hand Soap

Dial Liquid Hand Soap, Cucumber & Mint, 7.5 Fluid Ounces

The Dial Liquid Hand Soap has a gentle formulation that’s fit for any type of skin, which is a boon for individuals who have sensitive skin. It can help bring forth and maintain moisture on the skin, and the soapy residue can easily be cleaned off. The active ingredient here is Benzethonium Chloride and not triclosan. Therefore, if you plan on refilling this container, make sure to either get the same hand wash or a very similar product.

Mrs Meyers Hand Soap

The Mrs Meyers Hand Soap is sulfate, DEA, paraben, and Phthalate-free. The ingredients of this hand wash are all derived from plant-based organisms, and many will love its rosemary scent coming off of it. For the size of its contents, it’s reasonably cheap as compared to other similar products on the market.

What to Look For?

Hand washes exist for a specific reason – to keep your hands as clean as possible. While all hand soaps share the same objective, they’re not the same to the smallest degree. In fact, there are different types of hand soaps that you can find on the market.

First, you might want to get foaming hand washes; these hand soap variants are specially designed for the economically-conscious individual. It will dispense just the right amount of cleaning agent with very little waste and residue in the process.

Then there’s the antibacterial hand wash, and most manufacturers of this soap ensure users to help them get rid of germs and bad bacteria that might already be thriving in their hands. Antibacterial soaps are just hand washes with a stronger potency for some of its ingredients to effectively kill bacteria.


Even if you do purchase the best hand wash on the market, all will be for naught if you don’t regularly use it. Don’t forget to practice the regular habit of washing your hands so you don’t spread disease and germs to other areas of your body.


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