Best Hamster Toy

Is your child an avid fan of hamsters? Then they might love it if you give them a hamster toy. Those who love to collect anything “hamster” might love to get their hands on a cute and fluffy hamster toy. Whatever size you might want to purchase, you can find the perfect one for you at the store. There are realistic ones you can get, or you can get a cute stuffed hamster toy instead. Any kid will really appreciate this cute toy. Here are some of the best hamster toy you can find on the market.

Douglas Cuddle Toys Plush Brushy Hamster

This is a pretty decent plush toy hamster that you can check on the market. Even though it has mixed reviews, some a great number of people who were able to purchase this product love how inexpensive and well-made it is. It’s small enough for kids to play and the design is quite cute. They were able to capture the cute image of a hamster. Kids will love to play with this and those who are into hamster toy collections can appreciate this product. You can check it out on the market if you’re interested.

Color You Talking Hamster

This is another cute hamster toy that you can find on the market. This electronic hamster toy can actually record what you say. Kids will love to play this and record their voices. You only have to use three AAA batteries for it to work. The talkback action of this product is easy to use so young kids won’t have any trouble using this. What’s even more amazing about this product is it even bops its head up and down when you pat this. The high-pitched voice of the hamster is super cute you’ll surely love this.

Westminster Happy Hamster/Ball

Westminster Happy Hamster/Ball

Hamster in a ball is a cute rendition of a real hamster in a ball. You might like to play this one instead. The hamster toy actually moves inside the hamster ball. You’ll need to put only 1 AAA battery inside this hamster toy to make it work. This toy is suited for children who are 5 years old and up. Kids who like to have a pet hamster but isn’t allowed to have one can appreciate this hamster toy as a replacement. Its price is reasonable for such a decent and cute hamster toy that kids will enjoy playing.


If you’re looking for the best hamster toy to purchase for a kid then make sure that it’s a high-quality one with a cute design. You can choose the size that you wanted and the design too. There are electronic hamster toys that can even record your voice and talk back to you with a high-pitched voice that’s so adorable. There are also hamster toys that come with different features, like the moving hamster toy that can run like a real hamster inside its hamster ball. Make sure that the toy is appropriate to the age of the child and it’s safe to play with.

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