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There’s nothing wrong with making hamburger patties by hand, but there are some reasons as to why you shouldn’t follow this traditional practice of creating these delectable old-time favorites. First of all, we use our hands every day and all the time; so if you’re not careful and you touch something before taking a feel of the ground beef, then you’re technically transferring all the bacteria into the food which might eventually end up in someone’s stomach. Not a pretty picture to paint in your head, right?

Also, using traditional methods to create hamburger patties might take a lot of time and effort. So to speed things up a bit, and to make sure creating juicy burgers is done as clean as possible, you should consult the assistance of a hamburger press.

Cuisinart CSBP-100 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press

The Cuisinart CSBP-100 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press can help you create more than just regular burgers as you can use the product to make sliders and stuffed hamburgers as well. It’s dishwasher-friendly, and it has a non-stick coating so you don’t have to worry about any beef sticking to the surface of the unit.

Create your favorite burger concoctions in three steps. First, fill the base cup with approximately 1/3 pound ground meat. Then, compress the meat with the use of the press top. Apply as much pressure as you want just make sure to create a pocket if you want to add any stuffing ingredients. You can stop here, or you can add stuffing ingredients before topping it all off with another helping of 1/3 pound meat. Press it once more, and you got yourself the ideal patty to sink your teeth into.

Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press

Create perfectly packed burgers with the aid of the Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press. The trait that makes this hamburger press unique is its spring plunger button. Press it, and it’ll help compact the ground meat to form the ideal patty for your recipes. The press top will then pop back up to its original position for easy patty removal. Aside from making deliciously juicy hamburgers, you can also use this burger press to create sausage patties and crab cakes.

The Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press helps you create consistent burger patties all the time. You can even adjust the patty thickness from 0.25 inches to 1.5 inches. All patties made with this product have a 4.5-inch diameter.

Norpro 507 Hamburger Press

If you want uniformly-sized patties all the time, then the Norpro 507 Hamburger Press can help you out in that regard. Use this burger press to create patties of just over 4 inches in diameter. This is a barebones hamburger patty maker, and it doesn’t even have a base unit. Therefore, you need to have a non-stick surface if you want to make sure that the patties won’t break upon removal. Nonetheless, the price of the product is pleasingly found in the low range of the market. As such, individuals who want consistently-made patties but are on a very tight budget might want to look into purchasing this unit.

What to Look For?

A good hamburger press becomes a priceless assistant in the kitchen, and the importance of this valuable tool grows even further during Sunday barbecues. However, it doesn’t mean that you should just get any burger press you can find on the market and call it quits.

When you’re choosing for a hamburger press, take note of the size of the device. The standard size for most burger presses on the market can accommodate the creation of patties with up to 4-inches in diameter. Furthermore, many burger patty makers can create hamburger patties with half-an-inch to 1 1/2-inch thickness.

Also, consider the material and weight of the hamburger patty maker. Steel, plastic, and aluminum are among the most common choices of hamburger presses on the market. These materials have their own sets of pros and cons, so do consider these before selecting a model that you deem is right for your needs.


When selecting a hamburger press, consider several factors before completing the purchase. In doing so, you can have peace of mind as you acquire a burger press that can give you seriously delicious hamburgers for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy.

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