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Many gyms don’t offer towels to their customers once you go through its doors, so you have to bring your own. Even if the gym does offer you towels, you might not be sure if the fabrics are properly cleaned. Who knows, they might just stick the towel inside a washing machine, let it dry, and then let customers borrow it.

So if you want to take care of your hygiene when going to the gym, then you need to have the best gym towel with you at all times.

micro-miracle Microfiber Travel Towel

Most towels come in shades of white, but the micro-miracle Microfiber Travel Towel lets you select from a myriad of colors. Choose from Blue, Blue Marble, Charcoal, Green, Gray Marble, Navy Blue, Orange Sunrise, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Pink, Pink Marble, Purple, and Sunshine Yellow color variants. No matter what color you may choose, all the towels in micro-miracle’s line have a microfiber fabric construction that allows for super absorbency.

The size of the towel is also compact, and it’s reasonably lightweight so you can even hang it around your neck while you go do a bit of jogging on the treadmill. It’s also quite durable that it can survive most wear and tear, and it’s machine washable as well.

Fit Spirit Microfiber Sport Towels

The creation of the Fit Spirit Microfiber Sport Towels puts athletes and fitness-centric individuals as the main point of interest. Choose from one of five different color variations for the Fit Spirit Microfiber Sport Towel, and they are Gray, Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple. Interested buyers can also choose from an assortment of sizes to fit their specific needs.

You can use the Fit Spirit Microfiber Sport Towels for hiking, traveling, camping, swimming, and other outdoor activities. But, of course, you can always bring it with you when you visit your local gym. The woven fabric is soft and durable so it can survive the usual wear and tear, as well as give you its services for a long period of time.

Sinland Multi-purpose Microfiber Gym Towels

The Sinland Multi-purpose Microfiber Gym Towels have 16 x 32-inch measurements, which means it’s just at the right size as it’s not too large nor too small. These towels have a microfiber construction that’s soft and durable, and, most importantly, they’re super absorbent. The product is even durable enough to withstand up to 500 times of washing.

The gym towels in Sinland’s product line are can dry 3 times faster than regular bath towels. The manufacturer does note, however, that it can absorb water better if you pat your body with it and not do a rubbing motion. Furthermore, patting your body with a towel is easier on the skin as compared to rubbing it all over your body.

What to Look For?

Many people might think that “a gym towel is just an ordinary towel, but for the gym.” To the fitness-centric individual, however, gym towels differ in various factors. For instance, gym towels can come into the market made with various materials such as bamboo, linen, microfiber, and cotton-polyester blends. Albeit microfiber is the ideal choice for many gym rats, cotton might be the best option out of the selections due to its durability, absorbency, and utmost availability.

Another factor worth considering when choosing the best gym towel for your workout needs is its weight. Towels are generally measured through the density of their fabric. As such, towels that weigh less tend to be thinner than most, and they’ll usually have a lower price tag than heavier fabrics.

However, if you exercise every day, then a heavier towel might be your preferred choice as it can last multiple washes. Do note, however, that heavier towels can trap moisture more than thinner variants so it can easily capture and harbor more bacteria if they’re not properly washed and dried.


If you have a gym towel to call your very own, then don’t forget to clean and maintain it properly to make sure it doesn’t contain bacteria and other harmful elements. Make sure to wash it after every use, and stay away from fabric softeners because it can prevent the fabric from absorbing liquids, especially your sweat.

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