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So you’ve just bought yourself a new guitar, or perhaps even two, and now you’re wondering as to where you’re going to put them. Are you planning on just leaning these instruments against your wall? Well, that’s a solid idea, but what would happen if your floor doesn’t have enough traction? If so, then expect your hard-earned guitar will constantly slip and fall. It might even be a cause for damage to your precious musical instrument.

Now that you have your guitar (or guitars), you need a solid guitar rack so you can place your valuable musical instrument correctly and without risk of damage from falling. Many guitarists or even just owners of guitars make the mistake of getting the cheapest guitar rack models on the market. Albeit it will save you some cash, the durability and life of the guitar stand won’t last as long as you’d hope.

Now when you have a quality guitar rack, this is where things get more interesting as opposed to just making your guitar leaning against the wall or using a low-quality guitar rack. But even if you do want to get quality guitar racks, there’s a bunch of these products on the market, and it can be tough to choose which one to get.

If you’re looking for the best guitar rack for your valuable instruments, then look no further as we’ve searched high-and-low to give you excellent models to choose.

7 Multi Guitar Bass Folding Stand Stage

If you own different types of guitars, then consider getting the 7 Multi Guitar Bass Folding Stand Stage. It can hold electric, bass, and even acoustic guitars. Thus, it promotes a safe and neat way to keep your musical instruments. Not to mention you can line then up in a unique order so that guests can marvel at your collection as soon as they enter the room. This particular model has padded tubing so your guitars are protected from dings, scratches, and bumps, which might happen when placing your valuable musical instruments on unprotected surfaces. The padded surface on this guitar rack also aids in the prevention of broken strings.

A unique trait for this guitar rack is it can fold down for better storage. Its overall dimensions are 34.5 inches for its length, 16.5 inches in its width, and 31 inches for its height. These measurements get compact when the unit is folded. The construction of this guitar rack is also lightweight, so it’s not too much of a hassle when storing it.

Just like the stand itself, this guitar rack’s base is also on the strong side. Even if someone bumps on the rack, the guitars will just move ever so slightly but won’t fall off the stand. The total number of guitars this unit can carry is seven, and it’s not a good idea to squeeze more into it as you might risk damaging your expensive merchandise.

Hercules GS525B Guitar Rack

Unlike the 7 Multi Guitar Bass Folding Stand Stage, the Hercules GS525B Guitar Rack has a smaller frame, which means it can hold a smaller number of guitars. It can hold a total of five guitars. Nonetheless, it still can contain different types of guitars, including bass, electric, and acoustic. Some might not like the idea of this model having a smaller construction, especially if you have a larger collection of guitars that number more than five. However, it can entice guitar owners that are concerned about space.

There’s no setup instructions nor installation processes that are required. Once you pull this unit out of its box, it’s ready for use. You can then place your guitars on it, and you might just stare at your collection for a few moments as they’re now neatly arranged on their unique stand.

Since it comes ready straight out of the box, it proves itself to be advantageous for some individuals that don’t want complicated instructions that would otherwise take them half the day to complete the setup process. There is, however, one procedure before you can use this rack, and that is you have to fold it up, but that’s pretty much it.

YMC Guitar Folding Stand Rack

For the YMC Guitar Folding Stand Rack, it can hold a maximum number of seven different types of guitars. Its dimensions are approximately 35 inches in its length, 16 inches in its width, and 31 inches in its height. It also contains four rubber feet to protect the entire guitar rack from swaying. These rubber feet also safeguard the guitars on this stand from moving too much or from falling when someone accidentally bumps into the rack.

The main highlight of this particular rack is its durability because it can last a very long time even with minimal care and maintenance. It is made of high-quality metal, and it provides a sturdy support for your collection of guitars. There’s also a padded foam tubing where the bases of your guitars will rest, and it provides adequate “comfort” for your musical instruments as you don’t have to worry about scratches, dings, or bumps.

Like other guitar racks on this list, should you want to store the stand then all you have to do is take advantage of its foldable design? There is, however, some assembly required once you take it out of its packaging, so do be prepared to spend some of your time with it if you want to get it properly propped up.

Fender 5 Multi-Stand

Fender 5 Multi-Stand

If you want a guitar rack to showcase your collection of string instruments in a neat and tidy fashion, then consider getting the Fender 5 Multi-Stand. It can keep your guitars and basses in a convenient and safe manner. It can hold up to five different types of guitars, which might not be as impressive as some other models on this list, but it does promote a space-saving design that some individuals might prefer. For instance, if you’re living in a studio-type apartment and would want a suitable place to showcase and keep your guitars, then this is an excellent unit to have as compared to larger variants.

Like other high-quality guitar racks, the Fender 5 Multi-Stand is made with a durable steel frame, and it even has a padded foam at the area where the bases of your guitars will meet. If you have acoustic guitars, note that these are larger than electric or bass guitars and can make it seem like everything’s too tight when displayed on this rack. Just be careful when moving your acoustic guitars in and out of this stand to protect the musical instrument from getting scratches. But if you do have a collection of electric or bass guitars, then it provides plenty of room for these types of musical instruments.

Zenison 5 Guitar Stand

Zenison 5 Guitar Stand Multiple Five Instrument Display Rack Folding Padded Organizer

The Zenison 5 Guitar Stand might be the last item on this short list but don’t count it out just yet. It’s on this list for what it’s worth. This particular guitar rack is also made out of highly durable material, which means that you can expect this model to serve you and your guitar collection for many years to come, even with minimal care and maintenance. It can help you display up to five different types of guitars, including acoustic, bass, and electric. However, the spaces between each guitar can be tight as it only has 3-inches of spacing between each peg. If you have acoustic guitars as part of your collection, just make sure that you take utmost care when moving them in or out of this stand.

What sets this particular guitar stand from the others is that it has a very compact construction. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. So if space is of utmost concern for you, then this might be a model that might tickle your fancy.

What to Look For

When purchasing guitar racks, there are several factors to consider before you decide on pulling out cash from your wallet. For example, check which style of stand you want to get. Common thought derives that guitar racks will always look the same. However, they come in different sizes and shapes, and different models can hold a different number if guitars.

Another trait to consider when looking for guitar racks on the market is the material used for the production of the item. You need to assure yourself that the rack can withstand the weight of the guitar and it would last a good long while (with proper care and maintenance from you, of course).

Lastly, check the price of the guitar stand. After all, you don’t want to blow your entire budget on the purchase of the rack, right?


Now that you’ve read our recommendations for top guitar racks on the market, you might’ve reached a definite conclusion to your search. However, if you’re still having second thoughts as to which guitar stand to buy, then feel free to consult our list once more so that it might help you take the right path.

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