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Using the best griptape guarantees you’ll have a good grip on your skateboard deck. This item is critical to your safety when you ride your board. Whether you’re a professional doing tricks or an amateur just going for a ride, the griptape gives the traction you need to hang on to the board.

If you plan to buy this product but aren’t sure how then this would be a good place for you to start. We feature the top products in this category to give you an idea of what the best has to offer.

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Professional skateboarders choose the Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet for their own use. They trust its toughness, grip, and how it feels under their feet. Its premium quality allows for greater control. Its adhesive can withstand extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

Each purchase of the Mob Skateboard Grip Tape comes in a 9 x 33 inch size sheet. It can be trimmed to size. Its tiny perforations provide the no-bubble technology for a clean and easy application. It’s waterproof and won’t wear down easily because of its exclusive silicone carbide grit binding process.

Black Widow Skateboard Griptape

You’ll enjoy using the Black Widow Skateboard Griptape for its quality and choice of colors. Typically, you only get griptape in black. However, the Black Widow brand offers their product in eight colors. Choose from Black, Blue, Checker, Clear, Neon Green, Pink, Purple, and Red. It’s a great way to add style to your board.

Beyond looks, the Black Widow Skateboard Griptape’s adhesive is strong and won’t peel even in extreme temperatures. The Black Widow logo is printed on the back of its 9 x 33 inch sheet for authenticity.

Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet

The Jessup brand’s more than thirty years of experience in making griptape assures you of quality. It was one of the pioneers who introduced the silicone carbide material to the market. Its grit gives the right amount of control you want when performing a serious trick. Yet it won’t tear a hole in your shoes.

The Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet has a Supertouch grip formula. It can conform to any deck concave design your board might have. You can trim it to size. Unlike other tapes, it doesn’t tear easily.

What to look for

Buying your skateboard griptape is easier if you keep in mind these factors while you shop.

  • Adhesiveness – The griptape should adhere well to your skateboard deck. This is a critical factor since it guarantees your feet will also have a good hold on the board. The last thing you want is to lose your board while your mid-air doing a trick. Likewise, you’ll still want a sticky griptape even for leisure skateboarding for safety.
  • Application – Consider how easy it would be to apply the griptape on the board. You’ll want something you can easily do by yourself. A number of products offer the no-bubble technology featuring tiny air holes in the griptape. This lets air escape as the tape is laid down on the board. Bubbles can occur even if you’re the most careful person in the world. Because of the stickiness, it would be hard to lift up the griptape again. So it would be good to have some help to prevent it from happening.
  • Style – Take into account your skating style. Are you a professional who does stunts often? Do you use the skateboard for transportation? Is it something you do at leisure? Your answer will dictate if you need to purchase a high-end yet costly product or if something more affordable with less premium would do.


You’ll have more fun on your skateboard when using the best griptape. It’ll keep you safe and secure whether you do a serious trick and even if you’re just out cruising. To make sure you get the right product for your needs, keep in mind these factors while you shop.

Check how sticky the product is. You want a griptape to adhere well to your skateboard deck. Consider how easy it is to apply. Assess your own riding style to determine what type of griptape you need.

To help you further, check out these top products in this category. Perhaps one of these has the qualities you’re looking for in the best griptape.

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