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You can cook different types of food all at the same time when you use the best griddle. The flat surface of this unique cooking tool makes it possible for you to cook everything all at the same time. You can get an electric griddle but you can also use the traditional griddle. A griddle is usually heated with the use of gas, wood, coal or with the latest models, electricity. You usually see a flat metal plate type of griddle on the market, but a griddle can also be made of a brick slab or a tablet.

Lodge LPGI3 Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

This is the most popular griddle you can find on the market. It’s a reversible type that you can use to grill your food and you can also fry your food on top of it. It has an adequate size measuring 20 inches by 10.44 inches. This is actually pre-seasoned with a foundry and you can use it immediately after purchasing it. This can be used on different cooking surfaces such as your grill and even on top of your campfires. There are induction tops which aren’t compatible with this type of griddle so make sure it’s compatible.

Utopia Kitchen Reversible Cast Iron Grill Griddle

Another double-sided griddle you need to check out is this highly recommended product from Utopia Kitchen. It has an adequate size measuring 17 inches by 10 inches. It has this slope on the edge of the griddle where the excess oils slide into. Unlike other griddles, this one has a side grip handle that makes it easy for you to handle. It’s safe and convenient, unlike other products. This product is made of cast iron that evenly cooks your food. You can reverse this into grill and griddle whenever you needed it to. This is dishwasher-safe which is convenient.

Oster CKSTGRFM18W-ECO DuraCeramic Griddle with Warming Tray

You can choose this amazing griddle if you want to. This has a unique design that makes it convenient to cook different foods at the same time. You can set your pancake, scrambled eggs, and your sausages side by side to cook them. This way you can cut down the cost of gas and you can cut down the time when you cook your meals. The upper part of this griddle has a non-stick ceramic that’s very durable. It won’t flake or peel even after repeated use. It’s easy to clean, unlike other products. It’s also safer to use this.


You don’t have to buy an electric griddle when you can use the best griddle you can find on the market. It’s better to use a high-quality griddle that you can use. There are griddle made of cast iron that’s durable and can evenly heat up the cooking surface for your food to cook evenly too. There are also griddles with a special ceramic surface that’s safer to use and is even more durable than your cast iron. It’s better if you use a double-sided griddle that you can use as a grill and as a griddle.

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