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Golf mats aren’t just for the driving range as you can have one in your front or backyard to help you practice your swings. For many serious golfers, the mat plays a vital role in a home practice setup. These mats can come in different variations to help you customize a variety of setups so that you can properly adjust to the real situation when the time comes.

Albeit most golf mats tend to look very similar to each other, there are key differences that help interested buyers in acquiring the right unit for their specific requirements.

Callaway Launch Zone Hitting Mat

The Callaway Launch Zone Hitting Mat has different price points because of the various sizes available on the market. Simply put, the larger the mat, the more you have to pay. There’s a large 1 x 2 feet variant, as well as a more compact model with measurements of 8 x 16 inches. Nonetheless, both models present ultra-durable rubber backing to aid in bringing excellent shock absorption and club protection. It’s highly resistant to wear and tear, so you can practice your golf swings all-day-long without having to worry about damaging the product.

This golf mat even comes with a patented tee holder to help in properly positioning your golf balls. However, the fixed height rubber tee is not included in the package so you have to provide one for yourself.

All Turf Mats PGM3660 Emerald Par Golf Mat

The All Turf Mats PGM3660 Emerald Par Golf Mat is a durable 1/2 inch woven nylon turn with a 5-millimeter foam grip backing to prevent the mat from moving around while you stand on top of it. This golf mat has large measurements of 3 x 5 feet, so you’ll have no problems standing on it as you swing your golf clubs over it throughout the day. All Turf Mats even include one rubber tee in the package, which might not be enough for some individuals but it’s still a reasonably welcoming touch.

Its material is even durable enough that it can withstand more than wear-and-tear. The All Turf Mats PGM3660 Emerald Par Golf Mat can survive if you accidentally left it out in the rain.


Even though the TRUEDAYS Golf Mat might not be as large as the All Turf Mats PGM3660 Emerald Par Golf Mat, its 12 x 24-inch measurements are still suitable for many golf driving conditions. The woven nylon turf material is reasonably durable, and it also has a rubber back to prevent the mat from sliding around. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to practice their golf swings in their backyard. You might even want to place it indoors, just remember to move all breakable items out of the room first.

What to Look For?

One of the most vital aspects when choosing the best golf mat for your golfing needs in the material. It’s important to note that the main purpose of having the mat in the first place is to help recreate the feel of an actual golf course. Furthermore, it’s also essential to remember the feel of outdoor golf courses as this allows you to simplify your decision-making processes.

If your golfing activities are usually limited to one course, then you ought to search for a golf mat with similar feel and density. However, if you golf in different courses, then you should buy and use a mat that has the most natural feel to it so that you can properly adapt to various situations.

Many golf mats have an astro-turf material found on top of foam rubber. This material is, of course, a lot tougher and denser than the grass found on a real golf course. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about chipping the mat with powerful swings.


When you have a golf mat right to call your very own, you can now practice your swings without worry about chipping the grass found on your front lawn or backyard. Also, practicing with the assistance of the mat can help improve your game as it becomes easier to translate it to the golf course since you’re going to be using your clubs as opposed to practicing air golf swings.

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