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Level up your fun using the best glow stick during any occasion. Regardless of what age you are, a glow stick will brighten up your spirits. Though these are typically associated with concerts and Halloween, a glow stick is also helpful in emergencies. This is because its light can last for a long time with a single snap to activate it.

If you plan to buy a glow stick but aren’t sure where to start, we feature the top products in this category to bring you up to date.

Lumistick Glow Sticks 100 8″ Light-up Glowstick Bracelets

Lumistick is one of the trusted glow stick brands in the market to date. So you can count on its quality to last you the entire night. This particular product from Lumistick feature 8″ Light-up Glowstick Bracelets. Five colors are inside each tube, namely, blue, green, orange, pink, and yellow.

Simply break and shake the tube to activate. The contents of each tube are non-toxic and non-flammable. Even so, in the case of breakage, the chemicals easily wash off with detergent or regular bath soap. Prior to activation, these Light-up Glowstick Bracelets have a two-year shelf life.

Cyalume Green Glow Sticks

The Cyalume Green Glow Sticks aren’t your typical party product. These can actually be your guiding light in times of emergencies. In fact, it’s the brand trusted by the military and government agencies for years. Its light can actually be seen from a mile away. Moreover, it can last for 12 hours.

Each purchase of the Cyalume Green Glow Sticks contains 10 pieces. Each tube measures 6 inches. The tubes are individually wrapped and have a five-year shelf life. Its convenient hook makes it easy to hang. You can even string them together to generate more light.

Fun Central V78 1.5″ Mini Glow Sticks

Don’t discount the Fun Central V78 1.5″ Mini Glow Sticks because of its tiny size. This product brings the same of level of fun to your party. Simply snap and shake to activate its brilliance.

Put them together and you can create an interesting glowing centerpiece. Indeed, it’ll be one of the highlights of your event. Alternatively, you can use it as a fishing float at night if you want to go fishing. The light it emits won’t scare away the fish. Each box contains 50 sticks. Fun Central offers a 90-day money back guarantee for a worry-free purchase.

What to look for

You’ll be having fun with the best glow stick sooner if you take into account these factors while you shop. Each factor highlights a quality you should consider when shopping for this particular product.

  • Form – The glow stick is available in different forms. Depending on your preference, you can get the standard stick shape. You can also choose a glow stick in the shape of a necklace, bracelet, or even a pair of eyeglasses.
  • Quantity – If you’re planning to distribute glow sticks at a party, you’ll get a good deal on a wholesale pack. This means you’ll have enough to give away. At the same time, you’ll still have a few left to enjoy by yourself or with your kids.
  • Hours – The number of hours a glow stick shines varies among brands. You can get a product that offers up to 12 hours of light. This is great if you plan to party the whole night.
  • Safety – Check the quality of the product to make sure it’s safe to use. This is critical especially if children will handle it. Although the contents are not flammable and non-toxic, you still don’t want it to spill out and have a curious child attempt to taste it.


You’ll have greater fun knowing you have the best glow stick in your hand. To guarantee this and make your purchase worth your while, remember these factors when you shop. Think about what shape of glow stick suits your particular need. Decide how many you need.

To get the most value for your money, choose a product offering the most number of hours. Assess the product for safety. To help you further, check out these top products in this category. Maybe one of these has the qualities you want in the best glow stick.

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