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One of the most important ingredients in the world, like literally, is garlic. For some reason, it’s one ingredient that almost all chefs in the world can’t turn their back on. For one, it provides great aroma to the food. Try to garlic on a cooking oil and you’ll know what we mean. When it comes to taste, it blends perfectly in which it’s hard to pinpoint which is which with tons of ingredients in the recipe. That’s because kitchen masters make use of garlic press. It basically grinds the garlic. Interested? Check out the best garlic press in town.

ORBLUE Propresser Stainless Steel Kitchen Garlic Press

For the best garlic press, it’s about having the best of the best in terms of quality all the while maintaining the simple way of using one. With the ORBLUE Propresser Stainless Steel Kitchen Garlic Press, you’ll enjoy cooking more thanks to the service of this garlic press. The ORBLUE Propresser Stainless Steel Kitchen Garlic Press comes with the material that doesn’t rust, break, bend, or even weaken in a span of time. It comes with easy-to-use handles for minimal effort of pressing garlic. It can also accommodate a fair amount of garlic thanks to its extra-large reservoir box.

Alpha Grillers Garlic Press

If you want to hit two birds with one stone when it comes to a garlic press, you’d want the next product for your kitchen needs. If you purchase the Alpha Grillers Garlic Press, you’re not only getting a garlic presser but you’re also getting a mincer and tube roller. For the add-ons, the mincer is of stainless steel while the tube roller is of silicone. For the main feat – the Alpha Grillers Garlic Press, it’s also based on solid stainless steel which boasts of durability and safety thanks to its FDA approval. Whether it’s garlic or ginger you like to press, the Alpha Grillers Garlic Press can handle that nicely while reducing fatigue.

Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press

If you’re not fond of extra featured garlic press that makes it complicated to use, you might want to get the next product then. With the Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press, even a beginner in the kitchen will be able to use it properly. The Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press features a powerful level that handles most of the job and reducing the effort of the user. With its sieve hinges, cleaning it will be an easy task. To make things easier for you, it’s also dishwasher safe, hand wash and air dry recommended. It has a dimension of 6.5″ x 1″ x 1.5”.

What to Look For

You can always do away with a knife when it comes to preparing garlic. However, that would take time and the cuts might be inconsistent since it’s way harder to manually slice it with a knife. In this case, one would opt with a garlic press. However, not all garlic press come in the same quality and performance. For you to get the best of both worlds, check out the tips you need to know when looking for a garlic press.

For the pressing power and durability, it’s the material that you need to look out for. A plastic-based is cheap but holds less power and durability, metal-based is very durable and effective but lacks cleaning standards, while stainless steel holds the sweetest spot when it comes to durability, power, and cleanliness. Of course, it’s great to have a garlic press that comes multi purpose.


If you want to get the best of your garlic condiment without sacrificing the way it’ll look like in the end recipe, you’ll need to use a garlic press. With that said, the best garlic press is the ORBLUE Propresser Stainless Steel Kitchen Garlic Press.

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