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One of the best parts of every backyard is the trees that bloom fruits. I mean, who doesn’t want fresh fruits for free, right? Fruits coming from trees means two things – it’s delicious and it’s hard to reach. Instead of asking a favor from someone else and do the job picking for you or climb a ladder in which you’re not every acquainted to, you might as well free yourself from those and make things easier with the use of a fruit picker. No explanation needed here. If you have your own place with prospering fruits, get used to using the best fruit picker.

Flexrake LRB190 Fruit Picker

For the best fruit picker, it’s about picking fruit easily regardless how high it’s hanging up there a tree. With the use of Flexrake LRB190 Fruit Picker, grabbing the fruit from heights won’t be a problem anymore. What made that possible is the use of 13 feet telescoping pole. Add to it the garden series tough grade fiberglass handle allowing it to extend up to the said measurement. The Flexrake LRB190 Fruit Picker comes with bruise free pad to keep each extracted fruit safe. In terms of durability, the Flexrake LRB190 Fruit Picker comes with heavy gauge vinyl coating for the wire basket.

Kw’s Fruit Picker Basket

Fruit Picker Basket

If you don’t like your fruits to end up crushed on the ground, you might as well get the next product for that. Thanks to the use of Kw’s Fruit Picker Basket, picking fruits from trees is like doing it with your own hands. The Kw’s Fruit Picker Basket is a basket only fruit picker that allows you to catch the whole fruit with its vinyl coating wire basket to prevent any mishaps in the middle of the picking process. The strong metal tongs of the Kw’s Fruit Picker Basket also feature a cushioned metal basket to firmly hold in place the fruit. The Kw’s Fruit Picker Basket has a dimension of 13.50″H x 6″W.

Corona LR 3460 Long Reach Cut ‘n’ Hold Pruner

If you’re looking for the most durable fruit picker, perhaps you’ll find wanting the next product for yourself. As long as you use the Corona LR 3460 Long Reach Cut ‘n’ Hold Pruner as your fruit picker, expect every fruit hanging up the tree to fall right into your hands with ease. The Corona LR 3460 Long Reach Cut ‘n’ Hold Pruner extends up to 46 ½ inches to reach most high places. The durability comes in the form of hi-carbon steel blade and hooks with it being fully heat-treated. One of the main feat of the Corona LR 3460 Long Reach Cut ‘n’ Hold Pruner is the replaceable blade in case the old one goes rusty.


A fruit picker can come either in a basket form or cutting form. Depending on which you prefer, both can do what it does best. Which is picking fruit. If it comes with the basket, the more convenient for you. With that said, the best fruit picker is Flexrake LRB190 Fruit Picker.

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