Best Fragrance Free Shampoo

A lot of people prefer their shampoo to be fragrance-free. When you’re allergic to overpowering scents then it’s better to use a fragrance-free shampoo. Most fragrance-free shampoos don’t contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair and affect your nasal passage. Since the ingredients found in fragrance-free shampoos are milder and natural, you can be sure that it’s good for your hair and good for your skin too. There are actually a lot of amazing fragrance-free shampoos sold in the market. Most of them have hypoallergenic formulas that are skin-loving and all-natural. If you’re searching for the best product to use and you haven’t found it yet, then feel free to check the products on this list. They’re some of the favorites of people who live for fragrance-free shampoos.

Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo & Wash

A notable brand that’s popular among people who love hypoallergenic products is Burt’s Bees. This product is good for your skin and good for your pocket. The good thing about this product is you can use this as a shampoo and a wash. It’s so gentle and good for the skin that this can even be used for babies. Adults who have sensitive skin will find that their skin will totally agree with the formula of this product. This is made possible since the formula of this shampoo and wash are all plant-based. It has the natural and soothing complex of Aloe Vera. With the infusion of Oats and Soy proteins what you get is an amazing blend that’s good for you skin and hair.

If you’re allergic to overpowering scents then you’ll love this product. It doesn’t have any strong fragrance that can irritate your nose and also irritate your skin. This is also specially formulated for the sensitive skin of babies so if you’re planning to use this as a daily wash and shampoo for your baby then it’s perfect. It’s tear-free and recommended by pediatricians too. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and petrolatum either.

Free & Clear Shampoo

Free & Clear Set, includes Shampoo-12 Oz and Conditioner-12 Oz - One each.

This is another amazing fragrance-free shampoo that we found in the market. It has a reasonable price and the formulation is quite amazing. If you pair this with its conditioner then you’ll notice a drastic change with the health of your hair. This has a pH balanced formulation that’s good for the hair. Some brands have harsh formulas that can damage the natural barrier of your hair. With this, you won’t leave your hair dry and brittle from harsh chemicals. This actually helps control the oil production of your scalp so if you have oily hair then this is the perfect product to use.

This product actually helps remove dandruff and prevent dandruff-formation. The good thing about this formula of this anti-dandruff shampoo is it doesn’t have any strong scent. Even though there are dandruff-fighting ingredients in this product, it doesn’t have that chemical scent that’s overpowering. When you use this, you’ll notice that your hair is nourished and well-moisturized without that lingering scent or that dryness found in other anti-dandruff shampoos. If you’re suffering from dandruff and you don’t want a scented shampoo then this is the best product to use. Pair it with its conditioner for better results.

Desert Essence Organic Pure Shampoo Fragrance-Free

Desert Essence Organic Pure Shampoo Fragrance Free -- 8 fl oz

If you want to use a plant-based and organic shampoo that doesn’t have any lingering fragrance after you use it then this product might be the one you’re looking for. When you use this regularly you’ll notice that your hair becomes softer, smoother and even more manageable. The organic Aloe Vera found in this product soothes even the most irritated scalp. The Jojoba oil helps smoothens and further nourishes your hair from root to tip. The formulation of this product is efficient in cleaning your hair but it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive hair.

The good thing about this product is it’s made of 100% vegan ingredients. There are no harmful chemicals and preservatives added here and this isn’t tested on animals. Your hair becomes softer, smoother and stronger with frequent use and you don’t have to suffer from overpowering scents when you use this fragrance-free shampoo. You can get this at such an affordable price which is amazing. A lot of vegan shampoos have expensive prices but with this, you can get an effective and high-quality one that’s friendly to your budget. A little goes a long way so one tube can last for a long time.


In choosing which shampoo to use, you should consider getting one that suits your hair’s needs. There are a lot of amazing shampoos out there, but some of them have overpowering scents that can irritate people’s nose. There are also people who prefer unscented shampoos. In choosing the best fragrance free shampoo, make sure that the formulation is good for your hair and good for your skin. The best one is usually organic since it’s gentle enough for the hair and your nose yet it’s still effective in washing your hair.

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