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Do you want to practice your powerful kicks for hacky sack? Then you’d better not look for your little brother or that person who’s been bullying you at work or at school. Better practice with a reliable footbag first. With the perfect bag, you’ll enhance your kicking prowess the proper way. You might think that all footbags are created equal. Well, it’s time to change that thought; the right footbag shouldn’t be too tough nor too soft so that you can progress with your chosen kicking style in a proper fashion.

Dirtbag Footbag Classic Hacky Sack

The Dirtbag Footbag Classic Hacky Sack comes with a premium durability level, so you can practice all day and all night if you want, and the material won’t tear. However, just in case that it does get caught in sharp objects (or if you kick it too far to your neighbor’s yard where a vicious dog awaits), then the standard packaging comes with extra footbags for your to enjoy.

Turtle Island Imports Hacky Sacks

If you want your footbags to look like they’re ready for the winter, then you might want to check out the Turtle Island Imports Hacky Sacks. It takes an interesting approach to the design of the ball-like product, but make no mistake as these footbags have a high-quality construction despite their friendly appearance.

Sandmaster Footbag

The design of footbags are becoming unique by the day, and one of those distinctive products is the Sandmaster Footbag. It comes with a 14-panel design, and it’s a sand-filled variant. The item weighs 60-grams, and its diameter is 2.25-inches.

What to Look For?

Before anything else, you need to search for the right footbag that goes with your kicking style. There are variants for being a staller, or perhaps your main objective is to get 50 or more kicks in under a minute.

If you’re a staller, which is a style of kicking wherein you just love the feeling of letting the bag sit on your foot as you just made a really good blow, you ought to consider a footbag with either sand or metal fillings. These fillings will add additional weight to the container, and it’ll allow the kicking tool to sit on your foot easier than having to deal with a footbag with plastic fillings.

As for individuals who like to achieve 50 or more kicks in a short period of time, then you need a plastic-filled footbag. This particular variant is usually fuller than a footbag filled with metal or sand. Plastic fillings promote a rounder shaper while they’re in play, and this design choice makes it easier for the individual to kick straight up. Every time you kick, you should hear a consistent “popping” sound. Make a mistake in your kicking form, and you won’t hear too much pop. Hence, it’s a great tool to exercise form as compared to trying to boost your overall kicking strength.

Aside from the type of filling and kicking style, you should also think about where you’re usually going to practice your kicks. Note that the location can play an essential role in the life of the footbag. For instance, if you frequently practice your kicks outdoors, then you need a footbag with a heavy-duty construction that can withstand more than just your kicks like bad weather.


If you’ve just entered a sport that requires you to do a lot of kicking, then getting the best footbag should be part of your “To Buy” list. The right footbag will help you practice and perfect your kicking style, so you can win challenges and tournaments, or perhaps just scare the living daylights out of anyone who wants to bully you.

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