Best Folding Shopping Cart

When going to the market, you are sometimes limited to buying only the items that you can carry. This prevents you from maximizing great deals, especially when it comes to food. If you plan on going all out on your shopping trip, it is time to find the best folding shopping cart that can fit in your car so that you can carry all your shopping bags at once. You can eliminate multiple trips from your car to your front door if you can put them all in one place. It will also be easier to carry them since you can just roll your cart.

Versacart Transit Utility Cart Folding Shopping Cart

Folding Shopping Cart - Versacart Transit Utility Cart - Transport Up to 120 Pounds (Water-Resistant Heavy Duty Canvas)

Out of all the folding shopping carts that we have tested, this is the most expensive model. However, the Versacart Transit Utility Cart Folding Shopping Cart also offers high-quality performance that is incomparable. It is made of steel, which allows you to enjoy continuous use for years to come. It is also sturdy and solid that enables you to carry heavier items without weighing you down. There are four wheels on this cart. Two of them are located on the front to ensure maximum control of the cart, while the two wheels on the back keep the shopping cart stable. There is also a nylon canvas bag that can be detached, but it is helpful when it comes to protecting your items against dust and dirt.

Wellmax WM99017S Double Basket Folding Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels, Black

The next folding shopping cart that we have tested is the Wellmax WM99017S Double Basket Folding Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels, which provides ample storage space. I loved the fact that there are two baskets that allowed me to separate the food items from the non-food items that I have bought. It was also rather large since it measures 41.75 x 24 x 21 inches. The front wheels also glided effortlessly for easy control of the cart. While it did not fold flat even if I force it, it was still easy to store. Moreover, it felt like it was constructed using high-quality materials since it was extremely sturdy and it was not prone to rust buildup even when exposed to the elements.

Whitmor Deluxe Utility Cart, Black

The Whitmor Deluxe Utility Cart is the final folding shopping cart that we have tested. It is ideal for moving items and it can minimize your trip from the car to your front door. The shopping cart may require a bit of assembly before you can begin using the cart, but all you need are pliers and you are good to go. When I used this product, I noticed that the wheel is not easy to control, especially if my shopping cart is filled. I also needed to exert some effort before the folding shopping cart folded flat. However, it was an affordable purchase and it was extremely durable due to the black epoxy-coated steel structure, but there are certain issues that needed to be addressed for it to provide excellent results.

What to Look For

When picking a foldable shopping cart, I always consider a few things before making a purchase.

Stability and Maneuverability – When buying a folding shopping cart, it is vital that the wheels are able to turn easily so that you can move easily while using the cart. In addition to this, I prefer a folding shopping cart with four wheels because it keeps the cart stable even when there are several items in your cart.

Folds Flat – The key to a great folding shopping cart is the ability to be folded flat. This is important because it will make storing the cart so much easier. It will provide supreme convenience for you and your home if the folding shopping cart folds flat.


And now, we are down to the last part of our review.

Our choice for the best folding shopping cart is the Wellmax WM99017S Double Basket Folding Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels. It was easy to roll around and there are storage compartments that can separate your items more conveniently.

We hope that our review has helped you pick the best folding shopping cart that you can use for all your shopping trips.

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