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Searching for your company’s previous annual report but don’t know where you’ve put it? Are you about to blow your top because your wife accidentally threw your letter to your boss? Store your essential files in our best folders, so you won’t encounter such problems again.

Oxford Folder

Need to store your business cards in one folder to easily call or text your contacts? Do it with Oxford Twin-Pocket Folder.

This folder contains a business card holder where you can conveniently compile all your valuable contacts for easy access. With it, you can conveniently retrieve them anytime you wish. Moreover, its dual pockets can individually accommodate a maximum of 50 files.

This 2.5-pound product measures 12.1 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 2.5 inches thick. It comes in 17 colors including – dark blue, burgundy, black, and yellow.

Pendaflex Folder

Need to arrange your records in an orderly fashion so they don’t look messy? Let Pendaflex File Folder help you with it.

This folder features three sections on its sides to help you segregate your data according to date, topic, etc., in a way that you’ll no longer have to turn your archives upside down, just to retrieve important records. It’s ideal for daily records including business proposals, or recommendation letters.

This four-pound product measures 12 inches long, 9.9 inches wide, and 2.4 inches thick. It comes in seven styles and two packaging types.

amazonbasics Folder

Looking for a folder that can handle a huge volume of documents? Count on amazonbasics Expanding File Folder for such a task.

This folder can accommodate a maximum number of 900 files to help you conveniently put almost all of your important records in one place. Plus, it has a poly component that’s both waterproof and tear-resistant to give your belongings optimal protection.

This 1.1-pound product measures 13.5 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 1.6 inches thick. It comes in one and two-piece packs, with either black or black and gray colors.

What to Look For

Keeping all your important documents neatly arranged in one place prevents you from losing any of them. To do this, you need a folder that has the following features.

  • Tear Resistant – A folder should be tear-resistant that its sleeves or pockets don’t easily fall off, or get damaged, even after frequent use. This way your documents won’t suddenly be all over the place, and you’ll have greater chances of protecting top secret files.
  • Waterproof – A folder should also be waterproof. Even if it’s tear-resistant yet water still manages to seep inside it, your important files will still be soaked, causing them to be unreadable. After all, keeping files that are too limp and filled with smugged ink are useless.
  • Large Capacity – A folder should have a large capacity for various documents. If you’re a writer, lawyer, or anybody who reads and signs a lot of files, you have to put this feature as your number one priority to help you declutter your room, or office.


Getting a folder that’s tear-resistant, waterproof, and has a large capacity, not only helps you avoid misplacing important records but also helps you organize them with specificity.

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