Best Foam Carpet Cleaner

Years ago, cleaning foam and carpet inside our homes or our automobile take so much effort to accomplish. But with the advent of science and technology, there are now products such as the foam carpet cleaner that can make our life easier.

Foam carpet cleaner is usually aerosols that can remove the dirt from carpet and any kind of fabrics. It can penetrate deep cleaning which the vacuum cleaners failed to clean. This has been prevalent in modern homes because it smells good and affordable.

Check out some of the best foam carpet cleaner available in the market nowadays:

Tuff Stuff Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner for Deep Cleaning

Tuff Stuff Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner for Deep Cleaning - 22 oz. (1.37 lbs)

The first product to try is the Tuff Stuff multi-purpose foam cleaner. Tuff Stuff brand was launched in 1969 and it was proudly made in the United States. It is a member of Auto care association. The Tuff Stuff offers foam cleaners and stain remover/ multi-purpose cleaners.

This product is available in 22 ounces only. It is used for cleaning tough jobs around the house such as the carpet, fabric, and vinyl. It is designed for deep cleaning and removal of stains. The product can help retain the color of the fabric and remove any dirt around it. It can be used even in cleaning the car such as the car mats and the carpet; or painted and washable surfaces.

The product features a foaming action which can lift the dirt to the surface of our home, automobile, or at work. In addition, the Tuff Stuff foam cleaner does not have fluorocarbons and phosphates.

The product dimension is 3″ x 3″ x 11″ and it weighs about 2 pounds only. Its ingredients are Sodium Metasilicate, Butoxyethanol, Surfactants, and Fragrance. To use the product you just need first to shake it, spray it on the surface, leave it for 30 seconds, scrub it with cloth or sponge, and wipe dry with a clean cloth.  Try one now and see for yourself.

Resolve Easy Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner Gadget & Foam Spray Refill

Resolve Easy Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner Gadget & Foam Spray Refill, Clean & Fresh 22 oz Can, Carpet Shampooer System

The next product to try is the Resolve Easy clean pro carpet cleaner gadget and foam spray refill. The Resolve trademark specializes in providing products for carpet stains and laundry stains. Some of their products are carpet steam cleaner solution, upholstery stain remover, pet stain remover for carpet, and gadget and foam spray.

This package includes gadget cleaner and refill. This product is great for high-traffic areas such as the stair landings, entry ways, corridors, and other places. It can protect the carpet which measures up to 168 square feet (12 feet by 14 feet) from future dirt and soils. Vacuum alone won’t clean the carpet and other fabrics, thus you will be needing Resolve carpet cleaner.

The product dimension is 6.6″ x 4.8″ x 10.9″ and it weighs about 3.2 pounds only. The package includes a cleaning system with a brush, attachable handle, and 22-ounce canister foam cleaner. The formula of the Resolve cleaner can be used for cleaning products made of wool, nylon, and stain resistant carpets. The company does not recommend users to use the products in velvet, vinyl, silk, or leather. Moreover, the brush that is included in the package must not be used in upholstery.

On the other hand, with the Resolve product, you won’t need to clean the carpet using your hands and you can do the cleaning even when standing. This product will definitely revolutionize the way you clean and deodorize your home.

Woolite Carpet & Upholstery Foam Cleaner with Fabric-Safe Brush

The next foam cleaner is the Woolite Carpet and Upholstery foam cleaner with fabric safe brush. Woolite company has been established in 1951 and they have been providing products that can protect fabrics. Their innovative cleaners protect the color of the fabrics and remove the dirt and stains. They have cleaners for the darks, gentle cycle, and extra delicate care.

One of Woolite masterpiece is the foam cleaner. This product is an aerosol and it includes a fabric-safe brush which is color green. It can be able to remove all kinds of dirt, odors, and stains on the foam with its Stain Lift Technology. In addition, it can also keep your fabric, carpet, and upholstery clean for a long period of time. The Woolite cleaner can make the fabric fresh and smell good as well too. The smell can last for many months and it will make your upholstery in automobile or inside at home looking new once again.

The product dimension is 2.2″ x 3″ x 11.2″ and it weighs about 1 pound only. To use this product, you just spray it on the upholstery, let it stay for few seconds, brush it, and dry clean it with a clean cloth. This is an essential for any home cleaning so better try this one immediately.

What to Look For

In buying foam carpet cleaner, make sure that you buy products that are affordable yet offers high-quality service. You can opt to buy products that offer foam cleaning because this can remove dirt easily. In addition, you can choose products that have a fresh fragrance that can last for many weeks.


In sum, foam carpet cleaners are one of the best innovation in the market nowadays. This can help us clean our home and automobile accessories without spending lots of money. Furthermore, carpet cleaners can last for a long time since a little amount from it can already remove the dirt.

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