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Have you tried throwing soapy water on your car or vehicle with the use of a bucket? If so, then you know the experience of getting water in just about everywhere in the surrounding area, and we’re not just talking about your automobile. Furthermore, you have next to no control over where the water lands once you throw it out of the bucket. So what can be done with this predicament? You’d better use a foam cannon instead. The best foam cannon can quickly cover your vehicle in a thick foam that’ll eat away dirt and grime which makes the device an excellent choice for quickly and efficiently cleaning your automobile.

DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer Jet Wash

The DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer Jet Wash has an adjustable flow that also makes use of a 1/4-inch disconnection fitting. It takes advantage of a 33-ounce container bottle, and it requires a pressure washer that has a 2.0GPM and over 1000 PSI of pressure for users to properly utilize it. All of its connectors are made of high-quality brass, and the variable spray nozzle makes for accurate mixing while generating decent amounts of foam.

Chemical Guys EQP_312 TORQ Professional Foam Cannon

The Chemical Guys EQP_312 TORQ Professional Foam Cannon enters the market as a superior surface cleaner that makes use of an advanced foaming technology. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to clean their automobiles on a weekly basis. The generated foam is also safe for waxing while the product is easy to clean with no leftover residue.

MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon Snow Foam Lance

The MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon Snow Foam Lance requires a pressure washer that has a 2.0GPM and over 1000 PSI of pressure. All the connectors have a high-quality brass construction, just like DUSICHIN’s model. The trait that sets this model apart is its versatility as it’s an ideal choice for car and motorcycle owners. Users can even utilize this foam cannon to wash windows and driveways.

What to Look For?

Even though the market is crawling with foam cannons, you shouldn’t just pick any random model out there and take it home. Consider some features before pulling out your wallet from your pocket when purchasing a foam cannon.

Start by looking at the device’s flexibility; and by flexibility, we mean that you shouldn’t try to bend the product. When a foam cannon is flexible, it should allow you to make use of its full range of cleaning features. As such, you can even use the device in cleaning multiple areas of your car, and perhaps even the surrounding outer walls of your property. Some might even want to pick a foam cannon that’ll have multiple intensities in throwing water out of the unit. A flexible foam cannon can help you achieve mild cleaning to the occasional concentrated operation of grime-disposal for your vehicle.

Aside from choosing a flexible foam cannon, you need to make sure that it has a solid construction. Foam cannons that are made with sturdy materials can help you clean your vehicles (and more) for years to come. The variants that can last for years will give you the best regarding value for money, so make sure that the device has a high-quality construction. Furthermore, the package should come with a cleaning solution that’ll help you maintain the usefulness of the device for as long as you like.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you should read reviews about the performance of each foam cannon you may be interested in purchasing. All will be for naught if the foam cannon doesn’t work well to meet your car cleaning needs.


The best foam cannon should clean cars and other vehicles as efficiently as possible. Use the guide posted above to help you attain excellent value for money and peace of mind.

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