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When you are stuck with a flat tire or your car may need some work, a floor jack is meant to save the day. With the best floor jack, you do not have to worry about your emergency needs. In addition to this, it is important that a floor jack is convenient to use and it must be the perfect fit for your car.

There are three floor jacks that we have set our sights on and we have decided to compare them in order to find the best floor jack. Read on to find out the results of our review on the article below.

Torin Big Red T43002 Steel Jack Stands: 3 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair

The first floor jack on the list comes in a pair with a capacity of three tons. The Torin Big Red T43002 Steel Jack Stands comes with a double locking pawl and tooth design, which keeps your car protected. With its three ton capacity, it also has a lifting range of 11.22 to 16.7 inches. It is designed with a permanent magnet that can hold steel hand tools. In terms of size, it measures 15 x 9 x 8 inches with a weight of 15 pounds. Despite the relatively light weight of this jack stand, it is able to provide supreme security and stability. For your benefit, it is also able to meet ASME Safety Standards.

Torin Big Red T46002A Double Locking Steel Jack Stands: 6 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair

Another steel floor jack stand from Torin Big Red is the Torin Big Red T46002A Double Locking Steel Jack Stands. The T46002 model has a capacity of six tons. It is made from the top of the line steel, which keeps it durable to ensure that it can perform better and last longer. There is a saddle surface area, which allows for better contact with the load that is being supported. It also employs the patented double-lock technology with safety pin design. This is meant to keep you safe and secure as you change the grease or oil on your car or if you are changing a flat tire. It also comes with a self-locking multi-position forged iron ratchet bar to ensure that you can easily and accurately adjust the jack stand.

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

Finally, we have the Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack, which can lift up a three-ton car from 4 inches to 18.25 inches. This will give you ample space to work on your vehicle to ensure that you can maintain it easily. First, it uses the quick lifting hydraulic system for quicker results, while the rubber padded saddle works to ensure that the vehicle frame is properly protected. In addition to this, it is made from an aluminum frame, which keeps it lightweight and carrying it becomes manageable. On the other hand, there is also a heavy duty steel lift arm that keeps it stable and sturdy.


When choosing a floor jack, it is vital that you should consider the capacity of the floor jack versus your car. Buying a floor jack is easy if you know what kind of car you will use it with. This is because it can also likely determine the weight of your car. Floor jacks will have a maximum weight capacity and a floor jack will be rendered useless if your car is heavier than the maximum weight capacity. It is also important that a floor jack will provide a great value for the money and that you can also maximize your purchase by getting a model that is made of top-quality.

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