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There are road trips, and then there are really boring road trips. Going on road trips can be very exciting at first, but when you’re on the road, it’s going to be really tough trying to stay awake. Road trips can go for hours and even days. With that in mind, you need to find something to do or you’ll be bored to death, especially if you’re one of the passengers. With that in mind, you might want to secure the best flip down DVD player before the day of your road trip. In doing so, you’ll have plenty of things to watch to keep you busy for the entire duration of the travel.

Ematic 9 inch Swivel Teal Portable DVD Player [ EPD909TL ]

The Ematic 9 inch Swivel Teal Portable DVD Player [ EPD909TL ] has a 9-inch display that’ll allow you to tilt and swivel the screen for up to 180-degrees for maximum viewing experience. The package even comes with plush headphones to make private viewing sessions as comfortable and as peaceful as possible.

PYLE PLRD92 9-Inch Flip Down Monitor and DVD Player

The PYLE PLRD92 9-Inch Flip Down Monitor and DVD Player has a 16:9 widescreen format, and it comes into the market with a TFT-LCD monitor. For its size, it presents high-resolution images at a reasonably decent brightness setting.

BOSS Audio BV11.2MC 11.2 Inch Flip-Down Car Monitor

The BOSS Audio BV11.2MC 11.2 Inch Flip-Down Car Monitor makes use of multiple features so you can take advantage of it as an AM/FM radio transmitter, a media player, and a DVD player in one complete package.

What to Look For?

Before we proceed on what to look for in the right flip down DVD player for your specific needs, we need to understand what makes this particular variation of a DVD player for the car different from all the other variants.

Flip down DVD players are different because of its style and construction. It’s generally going to be attached to the ceiling of the vehicle right in front of the passenger seats. The placement of the unit is going to be crucial because it’s easy for all the viewers in the automobile to watch whatever is playing on the DVD player without feeling uncomfortable or straining their necks in the process. Interested buyers should follow the instructions carefully (and these generally come with the package) to avoid risks of the device falling off of the ceiling of the cabin of the vehicle.

So what makes the flip down DVD player different from the rest? It’s because there are other DVD players for cars out there. Other examples include the following: headrest DVD players, rearview mirror DVD players, and In-Dash DVD players. Consider your options and requirements well before selecting the right unit so that everyone in the car can benefit from the purchase.


If you’re looking for a great accessory for your vehicle, then you ought to consider purchasing and installing a flip down DVD player. In doing so, you can keep all the passengers happy and content, which can be essential for those long road trips.

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