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We’re all looking for different kinds of things to keep us warm, from jackets to fleece blankets. With fleece blankets, you have a wonderful design on an item that will keep you comfortable and warm. These blankets are also easy to clean and store if you’re not using it. They’re not only great for home use but also for outdoor use, as well, because of their features. However, these blankets vary in price depending on what kind of blanket you’re looking for. The list below shows the top 3 fleece blankets in the market that the customers bought and loved.

Northwest Fleece Blanket

If you’re looking a fleece blanket that can give you warmth and comfort, Northwest offers you a product that’s perfect and affordable. It’s made of 100% polyester that will be perfect for lounging around. It’s a 45-by-60-inch blanket that will be great for traveling, events, or even just your couch. It’s super easy to clean because you can just pop it in the washing machine for everyday use. It also has the vibrant colors of teams that will be wonderful to look at. Northwest offers 13 designs with different logos of different teams for you to choose from. Great, right?

Lightspeed Outdoors

Another great fleece blanket for a reliable brand is this one from Lightspeed Outdoors. Though it’s a little bit pricier than others, you won’t be disappointed with the features of this blanket. It’s a 72-inch by 58-inch blanket that’s just right for adults. Not only that, the outer shell of this fleece blanket is also rainproof and windproof making it a suitable item to bring outdoors. It’s easy to clean because you can just pop it in the washing machine. It comes with a stuff sack that will serve as its storage when traveling or idle time. Great and affordable.

Northwest Collegiate School Logo Fleece Blanket

Another great item from Northwest is this collegiate fleece blanket, each blanket with the logo and design of each college. It comes in 43 different designs that you can choose from. It’s also made of 100% polyester that will be great for keeping you warm and dry. It measures 45 inches by 60 inches that will be ideal for movies or even just snuggling at home. You can also wash this easily by just popping it in the machine. With the different designs, you can easily show support to your favorite college. A product that’s hassle-free and budget-friendly for you.

What to look for

There are several things you need to look at when you’re looking for the perfect fleece blanket. A big chunk of it is dependent on your preference but with the list below, you can see what kind of fleece blanket you really want:

  • Material – the most common material is polyester. Most manufacturers use polyester because it’s ideal for keeping you warm and comfortable without having to increase significantly with the price. This material also proves to last long enough to enjoy your fleece blanket until you want to buy a different one.
  • Size – though this is not really that much of a big deal to others, it’s important to keep in mind that the purpose of the fleece blanket is to keep you warm and comfortable. So, it’s great if the fleece blanket is large enough to cover a significant portion of your body when using it.
  • Maintenance – keeping the blanket clean is as important as every other aspect of it. You’re going to use it on your body, therefore, the blanket should relatively be easy to clean to avoid being hassled. It’s better if the blanket can just easily be placed in the washing machine for cleaning.


These fleece blankets are not really that expensive but it pays to purchase a blanket that will be affordable and useful. Although having different designs, you should pay more attention to how the blanket will live up to its purpose. It’s a complete waste of money to buy a good-looking one that’s only going to last for a few weeks. You should also remember to be hygienic because this is a type of product that will accumulate dirt and other unpleasant things if not properly taken care of.

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