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So you’ve decided to try and learn finger pick a guitar, and that’s great news! However, using your bare fingers to try and pluck the guitar strings might be okay at first, but soon enough you’re going to feel discomfort and a bit of pain. Using a dedicated finger pick can assist you in stringing the right tunes on your guitar without worry of harming your precious fingers. Others might decide to just let their fingernails grow to allow more “leverage” while picking, but this can take a long while to achieve. If you don’t want to use your fingers or your finger nails, then use a dedicated finger pick instead.

Dunlop 33P.018 Nickel Silver Finger & Thumbpicks

The Dunlop 33P.018 Nickel Silver Finger & Thumbpicks is a set of finger picks with gauges of .013, .015, .020, .0225, and .025 inches. It offers a bright and classic sound, which makes it an ideal choice for acoustic guitar players. It’s also an excellent choice for players of the banjo, resonator, or pedal steel.

The picks in the set are great choices for both beginners and experts of various string instruments. Furthermore, it’s found at a reasonable price point so you don’t have to blow your entire daily budget on it.

While most of the finger picks in the Dunlop 33P.018 Nickel Silver Set work as they should, the thumb pick can do better. However, it doesn’t mean that the sounds made with your thumb when wearing the pick are horrible, but it could use just a teensy bit more work.

Dunlop 9020TP Shell Plastic Finger & Thumbpicks

Not a fan of the Nickel picks brought by Dunlop? Then the Dunlop 9020TP Shell has a plastic construction that might just be right up your alley. Their plastic material means that the price is lower than their metal counterparts. However, it also offers a different audio signature as the sounds coming off of your guitar when you’re wearing these finger picks are warmer as opposed to being neutral sounding. The set includes three large finger picks and one large thumb pick.

National NP1-8B Thumb & Finger Pick Pack

If you want to finger and thumb picks that won’t break easily, then the National NP1-8B Thumb & Finger Pick Pack should be the set of your choice. Each finger pick has an NP-1 stainless steel construction, and the thumb pick has an NP-88 steel construction. All of the picks in this set are ergonomically designed to allow for excellent levels of comfort while playing your favorite string instruments. It’s an ideal choice for players of resos, banjos, and acoustic guitars.

What to Look For?

Popular belief dictates that most, if not all finger picks are the same. However, that isn’t entirely true, especially when you’re looking at their price tags. Some finger picks have quite a bit of heft in their price tags, primarily because they’re made with quality material. You can acquire picks that will just cost you a few dollars, but these tend to break easily, which will require you to search for another set of picks.

It’s an ideal choice to opt for spending more than your average finger pick as high-quality models tend to have better durability than cheaply made variants. Aside from checking out their durability levels, make sure that they’re comfortable to wear. If you want to jam with your guitar for extended periods of time, then you need a pick that won’t give you a difficult time while wearing it.

Lastly, the finger pick should offer the best in terms of sound. Some picks have a curved striking surface, whereas others contain a flat blade. Choose wisely to match your specific preferences and requirements.


Once you get your desired finger pick, don’t forget to bend it. The process is not to destroy the pick but to make it have a better fit. Just place the pick on the end of your finger while making sure the collar is placed in between the first joint and the end of the finger. Grasp either side of the collar with your index finger and left thumb, and then squeeze it just to make it feel snug, but don’t squeeze it too tight.

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