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If you want to revolutionize the way you sleep at night, then you might want to consider purchasing a new feather bed. This might even become the perfect solution for your restless evenings. With the right feather bed, you can sink right in as you achieve excellent levels of comfort as you drift into dreamland without so much as a care in the world.

Search for the right feather bed mattress and you’ll feel like a large pillow enveloping your body every night. However, know that there are different variants of feather beds on the market. Take a look at these great examples to get you started on your search for the right model.

Blue Ridge Home Fashion Luxury Featherbed

The Blue Ridge Home Fashion Luxury Featherbed is available on the market with different bed size variations, them being California King, Full, Queen, King, and Twin-sized beds. The feather bed has a 100% cotton cover and has a 233 thread count. It has a baffled box construction with a 5-inch gusset and 2 piped seams. The total fill weight is 13 ounces and the base has a 12-pound fill weight. All of these make for one seriously comfortable and soft feather bed. However, interested buyers need to know that the bed requires fluffing every day to let you experience the best in comfort.

LuxurestLLC Feather Bed

Like the Blue Ridge Home Fashion Luxury Featherbed, the LuxuresestLLC Feather Bed is also available on the market with different size variations, and they are California King, King, Twin, Full, and Queen-sized offerings. Unlike other feather beds that mainly provide comfort, this particular model can assist in the hip, joint, back, arthritis, and muscle pain relief. It makes use of a pillow top mattress topper to assist in easing the pain of particular body aches and pains.

Puredown Luxurious Gusset Feather Bed

The Puredown Luxurious Gusset Feather Bed may only be available on the market in Twin, Full, Queen, and King-sized offerings, but it does offer optimum levels of comfort and softness. The construction is that of a stain-release material to efficiently manage moisture. Furthermore, the entire bed if anti-microbial, and it can fit mattresses of up to 15 inches in depth.

What to Look For?

Common thought dictates that all feather beds are the same. However, there are several factors to consider when searching for the right unit to have in your bedroom.

For one, consider the fill power of the feather bed mattress. The fill power, or fluffiness, is the insulating ability of the down of the mattress. Looking at the figure of the fill power will tell you of the quality of the down used in the creation of the bed. Generally speaking, the higher the fill power, the more durable the product will be than other feather beds on the market. Furthermore, higher fill power will generally mean a better loft than beds with lower figures found in their fluffiness.

Feather beds with fill powers of 400 to 450 are considered to have medium quality comfort. While seemingly the least comfortable in the feather bed category, models found in this range are found to be the most economical option on the market.

There are also feather beds that have fill powers that range from 450 to 550, and these models are considered to have good quality but are still found to be on the more affordable side of the market. However, move one step further to the 550 to 750 range and you’ll find yourself inside the higher-end of the market. Feather beds with fill powers of 550 to 750 have very good quality, and these models are ideal for individuals who’re looking for highly comfortable and very durable beds.

Lastly, there are feather beds with fill powers that go over the 750 mark, and these have large down clusters that exceed expectations in terms of quality, comfort, and durability. However, beds with over 750 fill power are the most expensive out of the group so you’d better watch your spending allowance if you’re going for this option.


Look for feather beds that are right for your budget, as well as have the right level of comfort and durability to give you excellent value for money and peace of mind.

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