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To some people, makeup brushes look alike. However, makeup aficionados know that not all brushes are created equal. There are certain brushes that you should be using for different purposes. One of the brushes that are a must-have for your makeup kit is the fan brush. With the best fan brush, you can soften some of the makeup applied on your face to even out the application of the product. It is ideal sweeping your bronzer or removing excess makeup on your face.

We have tested three flat fan brushes to determine the best fan brush on the market today. Read on to find out the results of our review on the article below.

ACE Professional Single Makeup Brush Blush

ACE Professional Single Makeup Brush Blush / Powder Sector Makeup Brush Soft Fan Brush Foundation Brushes Make Up Tool

For the first fan brush on our list, we have reviewed the ACE Professional Single Makeup Brush Blush, which is made of synthetic materials. While some may consider the brush to be too thick or too dense for its own good, the hair on the brush is soft and resistant to bacteria. It is not a great brush if you intend to use it for softer definition. If you use this, you can be sure that your skin is protected and it will be able to keep your hygiene in top condition. You just have to be careful during application because it is larger than most fan brushes. The wood handles allow you to control it well, but you have to be careful when using it for contouring.

Docolor Professional Fan Makeup Brushes 

Docolor Professional Fan Makeup Brushes Face Powder Foundation Highlighting Make Up Cosmetic Tool

Another fan brush that we have tested is the Docolor Professional Fan Makeup Brushes.  It is uniquely designed since the bristles come with a pinkish tip, which makes it stand out among all the other brushes on the market. Moreover, it is a vegan product and it is safe to use for sensitive skin. In addition to this, you can apply it smoothly to ensure that your makeup will be applied with an even finish. The bristles are made from high-quality synthetic bristles that do not fall out. It is also soft and luxurious when applied to the skin. The handles are also in an ombre scheme, which is quite appealing for those who want a unique addition to your makeup bag.

TOOPOOT Large Fan Pattern Goat Hair Blush Face Powder Foundation Cosmetic Brush

MakeUp Tool, TOOPOOT Large Fan Patern Goat Hair Blush Face Powder Foundation Cosmetic Brush

The final fan brush on our list is the TOOPOOT Large Fan Pattern Goat Hair Blush Face Powder Foundation Cosmetic Brush. It is made with synthetic nylon bristles, while the handle is made of wood. The handle is sturdy enough to ensure that the application process will be easy and convenient. This brush is soft and fluffy to the touch and on the face. Moreover, it allows a smoother application on the face, which keeps your makeup fresh and natural looking. At its price, you can still get a proper fan brush that does not shed easily even if you clean the brush.


With several flat fan brushes on the market, you can find yourself totally confused. However, that should be the last of your concerns because most fan brushes only require a great handle and soft bristles.

A fan brush is not meant for initial application of your makeup, which is why it is important that the bristles are not too dense. If the brush is too thick, you may find yourself troubled with the idea of having to dust or wipe off excess makeup.

Now that we have finished reviewing three of the best fan brushes in town, we hope that we have helped you in picking the right brush to add to your makeup kit.

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