Best Facial Exercise DVDs

Who would’ve known there are better ways you can keep your facial muscles in tip-top condition without resorting to pins and needles? If you’re dying to find the Elixir of Youth but in vain, hasn’t found it, then you might want to resort to natural means of preserving your youthfulness and beauty. When one says youthfulness at such a late age in your life, you might imagine endless surgeries, needles, and unnatural means. If you’re not too keen about knives and needles getting anywhere near your face then you might want to do some facial exercises to keep your facial muscles firm and taut skin to a youthful form. You can actually keep your youthfulness this way, and you can say goodbye to painful means with the use of natural facial exercise.

How do you do it, you may ask? If you’re not familiar with the facial exercises then don’t fret. There are a lot of facial exercises books and DVDs available in the market. You can peruse which ones suit your needs and style in doing facial exercises. Did we catch your attention yet? If you are, then here’s a list we’ve gathered of the best facial exercise DVD in the market. With this, you can do your exercises anytime and anywhere with the guidance of experts in the field of facial exercise. They’ll be able to guide you through the whole process and routine that’s effective. Even though you might not see instant results, if you keep on doing facial exercises you’ll notice drastic changes in the long run.

Tal Reinhart Facial Workout: Because the Muscles Don’t End at the Neck

Tal Reinhart Facial Workout: Because the Muscles Don't End at the Neck

You’ll be amazed how many intricate muscles are intertwined all over your face. The act of frowning and the act of smiling is made possible with the help of many facial muscles. Just like any other muscles in any part of your body, you need to exercise these facial muscles in order for it to remain taut and firm. This facial exercise DVD will help you in keeping your facial muscles firm and taut in order for you to maintain that youthful facial look. When you keep your facial muscles toned by exercising it frequently, the youthful shape of your face will be maintained so you’ll appear a lot younger than your age.

The instructions found in this facial exercise DVD are easy to follow and quite effective. You’ll see results after frequent exercise. The sagging areas of your face appear to be uplifting without the use of surgical means and other medicated processes. With the explanations found in this DVD, you’ll understand the concept behind each facial exercise routines and the different target areas it addresses. You can also compare the before and after results of the progress of your facial exercise, and you’ll be amazed by the amazing effects this can bring to your whole visage. The photography in this DVD is quite clear and bright and it keeps you motivated to see such beautiful models in the video. You’ll see improvements in just weeks. You’ll look and feel different after frequent facial exercise with this DVD as your guide.

Facial Exercises by Carolyn’s Facial Fitness 

Facial Exercises by Carolyn's Facial Fitness - Value Pack with DVD

This is another highly recommend facial exercise DVD that we found in the market. The price might be a little bit pricier compared to the other products, but the price you pay is a small thing since the benefits that you can get out of this DVD is insurmountable. There are 28 facial muscles in your face. Imagine how sad it would be if you don’t get to exercise them the way they should be exercised? You’ll end up having early signs of aging with sagging skin and lines for days. With this facial exercise DVD, you can learn how to do some facial exercise routines to keep your facial muscles toned and taut. It’s such a good bargain for such an amazing non-surgical face lift.

The routines found in this DVD are made by professionals. They’re perfectly safe to do and effective too. The pacing found in this DVD is smooth and easy so you can catch up to the routine even if you’re new to this type of exercise. You can complete the workout in no time and the improved circulation to your face is quite noticeable immediately. It even includes some massage techniques that your face needs at times. The facial exercise program found in this DVD can lift and tighten your facial muscles so you can prevent early signs of aging as well as improve the condition of your face even at an early age.

Happy Face Yoga

Happy Face Yoga

This is another notable facial exercise DVD that we found in the market. Although this has a few patrons, the people who were able to use this as a guide for their facial exercises are quite happy with it. In fact, a lot of people who did use this recommend this to people who are interested in trying out facial exercises. The instructions found in this video is quite easy to do and the flow of the facial exercise routine is something you can follow without any problem. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how you’ll enjoy the facial exercises you’ll do as seen in this video. You’ll feel your face getting all worked-up, in a good way. With frequent facial exercises, you’ll see and feel amazing results.

When you frequently do facial exercises, the blood circulation to your face will increase so you’ll notice that your face looks healthier and it seems like there’s more color to your face. Your skin will glow and your facial texture will improve. The rosiness on your cheek will be more pronounced and you’ll look a lot younger too. This can help prevent any sagging of the skin by keeping your facial muscles taut and toned. The wrinkles and frown lines all over your face seem to smoothen out and the developing lines on your face will have a hard time coming out, which is a good thing. With this, you can have a non-surgical face lift.



Even though your age says otherwise, you can actually look young and stay young physically when you do proper exercise and improve your diet. Once you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can greatly improve the quality of your life not just physically but as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually. With the proper frame of mind, you can stay young by doing some face building exercises. This DVD will help you and guide you through the whole process and the benefits you’ll reap are astounding. The price of this DVD is akin to the Facial Exercises by Carolyn’s Facial Fitness but it’s all worth it. You don’t have to go under the knife for an instant face lift if you exercise your facial muscles the right way.

The troubling wrinkles, sagging bags and lines all over your face can be treated the natural way by improving the circulation of your face through a series of facial exercises as well as facial massages. You can find all of that in this video. When you exercise your facial muscles you’ll notice that your face will normally tighten and you’ll appear more youthful and toned. After a few weeks of frequent facial exercise, you’ll see a great improvement to your facial features. In order for success to happen, you must have consistency. You can do the facial exercises found in this DVD few days a week. It only takes minutes and the instructions are quite easy to follow so you won’t have any problem sticking to your routine.

Yoga Facial Toning 3 Minute Face Lift

Yoga Facial Toning 3 Minute Face Lift

You can actually keep your facial muscles toned and well-maintained when you do some yoga routine specifically targeting your facial muscles. If you’re interested in doing that then you might want to check this product out. You’ll be amazed how the instructor looks a lot younger that her age. She was able to achieve and maintain that youthful glow by doing facial yoga exercises herself. You can achieve that too once you consistently do some facial yoga exercises. The way the instructor guides you is super smooth and easy so you’ll have no problem sticking to your facial exercise routines few times a week. You’ll see drastic results in no time.

At first, you might be overwhelmed by the instructions provided, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that you can easily follow the routine. The exercises found in this DVD are great for your facial muscles, and you feel it every time you do it. You can actually feel your facial muscles working, in a good way. You’ll feel your face is lifted and the sagging areas of your face diminished when you continuously do your facial exercises the way this DVD instructed. You can maintain your youthful glow by doing some facial exercises without going under the knife and without needles sticking to your face.


Maintain your youthful glow and look sans wrinkles and signs of aging by exercising and massaging your facial muscles with the use of the best facial exercise DVD. It’s amazing how this can help keep yourself young-looking without going under the knife.

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