Best Fabric Glue

Fabric glue is a special type of solution that has amazing adhesive capabilities it can even combine hard and durable fabric like denim and canvas. The sticky substance of a fabric glue is very strong that it can even stick any type of fabric together. This is usually used when you repair jeans as well as in patching heavy fabrics. They’re usually waterproof and has an amazing adhesive strength that it provides long-lasting adhesion for your heavy fabrics. Most of them are resistant to heat so its adhesive properties remain even under any conditions.

Tear Mender TM-3 Bish’s Original Tear Mender Kit

The first product on our list is a best-selling one from a reputable brand. This product has been a reliable fabric glue that’s been used to patch and repair denim clothing. The formulation of this product is latex-based. It’s powerful enough to stick heavy fabrics like denim but you can also use this for other heavy fabrics like canvas. The adhesive solution of this product is quite flexible even under any condition. It’s also waterproof so the fabric can be washed in the washing machine and can even be put under heat.

E6000 Craft Adhesive

The next product on our list is another best-selling one that’s highly recommended by a lot of people. This adhesive doesn’t dry instantly unlike other products but after only 5 minutes you can have one of the strongest adhesive action ever. Having a 5-minute interval means that you still have enough time to make some adjustments when you need to before the fabric glue sets. In order to have the strongest bond, you need 24 hours to 72 hours for a complete curing action. Work in a well-ventilated area and a proper work place.

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive

The last product on our list is another amazing fabric glue that you need to check out. This product is specially formulated to adhere to a wide variety of embellishments and surfaces that needs some strong adhesion action. This can be used for different types of objects, not just heavy fabrics like denim. You can also use this for pom-poms, rhinestones, beads, plastic sequins as well as trims. Each bottle contains 4 oz but a little goes a long way so one bottle can last for a very long time. The solution doesn’t string which is good.


When you need to mend your jeans, add some patches on a torn fabric and even sticking decorative fabrics on another fabric or other media you need to use the best fabric glue. There are fabric glues with different colors that can match the fabric you’re mending. You can also use one with a clear consistency and color so you won’t have a hard time cleaning it up or working through the excess adhesives around your work. Make sure that the fabric glue you choose is strong enough for the type of fabric that you need to work on. There are affordable fabric glue products sold on the market that can help you with your task.

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