Best Eyelash Extension Glue

Most women aren’t endowed with the longest and curviest lashes. It can be such a bummer when all you ever wanted is to have amazing peepers that can fan your cheeks when you raise and lower your lashes. If you’re not lucky with your eyelashes, you can use an eyelash extension instead. In order to stick the eyelash extension well on your eyelids, you have to use the best eyelash extension glue. A lot of beauty vloggers and makeup artists use this, you might be interested in using it too. Here are some of the best ones in the market.

Ardell Lashtite Adhesive

Ardell Lashtite Adhesive, Dark, 0.75 fl.oz. Bottle

The first product on our list is an efficient eyelash extension glue that’s specially formulated to stick individual lashes to your eyelids. This product might not have a very high rating but a lot of people seem to prefer purchasing this as evidenced by the many reviews this product got. The good thing about the formula of this product is it’s waterproof. You can wear your individual false lashes for an extended period of time if you use this product to stick them on your eyelids. This is perfect to use for Duralash eyelash extensions. There are a lot of people who seem to get the hang of this product and actually loves this.

The secret behind a successful individual eyelash extension application is to use an efficient eyelash extension glue the right way. You should let this dry thoroughly and don’t disturb your lashes while it’s still not dry. The formula of this one is quite effective as long as you follow the instructions. You have to be cautious about removing your eyelash extensions though because this can be really strong, but don’t worry it won’t rip your eyelashes off.

Blink Lash Ultra Plus Glue for Eyelash Extension

Blink Lash Ultra Plus Glue for Eyelash Extension, 10g

The next product on our list is another effective eyelash extension glue. If you haven’t found the perfect product to use then you might want to check this out. The product has a disclaimer though. You have to be a professional who’s got a lot of experience in applying for the eyelash extensions since this is pretty strong stuff. This is used for eyelash extensions only and not those drugstore strip lashes. This might have a really overpowering fume that might be unpleasant especially for someone who’s not a fan of strong scents, but the powerful bond this eyelash extension glue can give you is amazing.

This is used for temporary eyelash extensions that can last for a very long time. The length of time this product can keep your eyelash extensions on your eyelids is about 6 weeks to 8 weeks, that long! After initial application you have to wait for two to three days for it to be completely dry that’s why you have to make sure you don’t disturb your lashes or wet them under the shower. You have to follow the directions perfectly. This shouldn’t be applied on the skin, but on your lashes directly.

SKY glue Eyelash Extension Glue 

Eyelash Extension Glue SKY S+ / Extra Powerful & Strong Black Adhesive / Fast Drying - 1-2 Seconds / Retention - 7 weeks / 5ml, from Stacy Lash

If you want to use and extra powerful eyelash extension glue to make your false lashes last for a longer period of time then you might like the strong adhesive power of this product. It has a fast-drying formula so you can enjoy your new lashes immediately unlike other products. It only takes one to two seconds for the glue to dry which is a lot faster compared to other products. This should be used by professional who has experience when it comes to applying temporary eyelash extensions that can last for a very long time. It’s not advisable to apply this on your own since there are special instructions for this powerful glue.

The binding power of this eyelash extension glue can actually last for 6 to 7 weeks which is amazing. Anyone you apply this to will have a longer time to appreciate and experience longer lashes and they’ll love you for it. Unlike other products, though, this can dry thoroughly in just seconds. The good thing about this product is it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde which can be harmful to you. It also doesn’t contain any latex. The price is pretty reasonable too for such an effective product.


Anyone would want to have longer and beautiful lashes, but how can we make an eyelash extension last longer? You have to use the best eyelash extension glue to do that. In order to experience longer lashes for longer periods of time, you have to use an effective product that can make the eyelash extension stick to your eyelids effectively, securely and longer. Some products need to be used by professionals, but as long as you follow the instructions and stick to what’s advised then you can have a successful eyelash extension application.

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