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What is Emu oil? It’s a natural product that can have a yellowish tinge to an almost white color. When it’s exposed to a bit of heat, it will have a liquid form with a consistency that’s akin to olive oil. However, when it’s cooled or refrigerated, it tends to be more solid than its original state. Think of it as a stick of butter but a bit harder than that when the oil is refrigerated. Nonetheless, Emu oil has therapeutic uses, and it is useful in helping in the treatment of various ailments including eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, sunburn, inflammation, and other aches and pains.

PRO EMU OIL All Natural Emu Oil

PRO EMU OIL (2 oz) All Natural Emu Oil - AEA Certified - Made In USA - Best All Natural Oil for Face, Skin, Hair and Nails.

The PRO EMU OIL All Natural Emu Oil uses a triple-refined formulation to make this the highest possible grade of the oil on the market. The producers of this oil created their product with to meet the stringent certification requirements for the AEA Emu Oil Fully Refined Trade Rules.

This oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and it can aid in properly moisturizing the skin and hair. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking for a natural way to bring proper hydration to their skin.Opening the bottle, you’ll immediately see a pale white substance that’s a bit thicker than water.

Naturals New Zealand Emu Oil

Emu Oil Pure Premium Golden Powerful Skin and Hair Moisturizer - 4 fl.oz.

The producers of the Naturals New Zealand Emu Oil guarantees its customers that batches are produced on a monthly basis to ensure that all products retain absolute freshness every time. Furthermore, each batch is said to be analyzed at an independent laboratory to meet the strict international regulations in the creation of pure Emu oil.

Like the Pro Emu Oil All Natural Emu Oil, the Naturals New Zealand Emu Oil has a pale white color with a rich and creamy consistency. Users can take advantage of this oil in fighting certain ailments such as skin dryness and itchiness, aching joints, and sore muscles.

Gaia Purity Emu Oil

Emu Oil - Large 4oz - Best Natural Oil For Face, Skin, Hair Growth, Stretch Marks, Scars, Nails, Muscle & Joint Pain, and More

The Gaia Purity Emu Oil lets users take advantage of its skin nourishing powers to aid in providing radiant and plump looking skin. It can also assist in reducing marks, itching, dryness, and redness on the skin. This particular Emu oil can also help in the treatment of sunburn on the skin, as well as promote the growth of healthy hair. It’s also an excellent agent in assisting in the treatment of sprains, burns, sore muscles, aching joints, wounds, and scars.

Users reported that results can show up in as little as a month of use. Furthermore, the outcomes will still appear even if the application is inconsistent.

What to Look For?

When looking for the best Emu oil, some variants tend to have a mixture of other mineral oils. However, pure Emu oil is what you should be gunning for when you want to acquire the best in its offered benefits. Some variants also come in the form of capsules which might confuse some interested buyers. Even though Emu oil is widely known as a substance rubbed onto the skin, some manufacturers do provide oral forms of the oil.

So now the question is, do you prefer the oral variant or the topical model? The answer to that question depends on your particular needs. For example, if you need help in the treatment of some illnesses found inside your body, then you might want to seek the assistance of oral Emu oil pills. However, if you’re suffering from burns and other ailments found on the surface of the skin, then the oil model might suit you better than the oral variant.


Aside from being of great help in the treatment of numerous ailments, Emu oil can also work well as a moisturizer. As such, interested buyers that need assistance in properly locking in moisture on their skin can seek the aid of Emu oil to help maintain the luxurious and young looks of their skin. The best Emu oil on the market can also assist in the treatment of several known ailments, including sunburns, joint aches and pains, and sore muscles. Choose your options wisely as it might spell the difference between proper treatment for a particular health issue you’ve been enduring or if the illness worsens. If you’re in doubt, you might want to consult a doctor or a professional medical practitioner first before going through with the purchase.

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