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You might go on an outdoor adventure and find that your guide is wearing a whistle around their neck. It might get you to wonder, “Is it to frighten animals or attackers?” Well, that’s one of the reasons why you should always carry an emergency whistle when you visit the wild outdoors. This special whistle can also help you become proactive, grabs the attention of other people (if you get lost), and it has a very slim chance of failing. If you’re about to go on an outdoor adventure soon, then don’t forget to bring a good emergency whistle with you.

Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG

If you can’t decide on a particular design for an emergency whistle, then take your time selecting the best look for your Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG. It comes in different looks such as orange and black, blue, green, neon green and black, neon green and purple, orange, and pink. Blow through the mouthpiece and listen as the 120+ decibel noise emitted from it will let other people know where you are from far away.

ZITRADES Emergency Whistle

Unlike the 40 Sonik Blast CMG, the ZITRADES Emergency Whistle only comes in three colors, namely red, blue, and green. It has a candy-coated design, and blowing on the device can make other people (and animals) take immediate notice of your presence. It’s also an ideal choice for sporting events and outdoor activities. The length of the whistle is 6-centimeters, and it has an aluminum construction.

TruePower 40-0455 Survival Whistle Keychain

The TruePower 40-0455 Survival Whistle Keychain contains five emergency whistles right off the bat in the standard packaging, and each whistle comes in a different hue. Each whistle also comes with a keychain attachment for keys or lanyards.

What to Look For?

Albeit many emergency whistles share a similar design (because it’s flawless, to begin with), there are some important safety features you need to think about before buying a particular model. Start by checking if the whistle is very loud and can be heard from a long distance. The whole point of blowing the whistle is for you to be heard from a distance, so if the unit seems to be defective from the start and it doesn’t seem to be quite loud, then you might want to turn your attention somewhere else.

Another factor to consider when buying an emergency whistle is its durability. If you’re going to scale the side of a mountain, or perhaps you’re going somewhere with weather conditions that are outside the norm, then you need to get a safety whistle that’s resistant to those temperature levels. You should also consider buying a whistle that’s resistant to jamming, corrosion, rust, and deterioration. The whistle should also be resistant against overblowing; this is when you blow a huge gust of air into the device that the pea will lose efficiency.

Lastly, think about getting an emergency whistle that’ll give you easy access to it. Most safety whistles on the market will come with a keychain, lanyard, or a necklace. The device should always be easily accessible in times of need.


The best emergency whistle is highly useful in times of emergencies. Whether it’s an oncoming attack from a wild animal or if you’ve suddenly strayed from the hiking group and now you’re lost. You can also use the whistle to keep the crowd moving or to recommend people to take a defensive position should danger be lurking just around the corner. This device might be tiny, but it’s certainly one of the most useful items to have during an outdoor trip.

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