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When you’re an electrician, you know that one bag with limited pockets is not ideal for your line of work. You need a tool bag with a lot of different pockets that will fit different kinds and sizes of tools and accessories. Electrician tool bags help you organize all these tools and accessories without losing one of them accidentally. The tools bags also improved their quality and design because they come with more pockets that further keep you organized. The list below shows the top 3 electrician tool bags all coming from one brand that’s really reliable and top-rated.

Custom LeatherCraft Work Gear Multi-compartment Tool Bag

Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag

It’s not difficult to stay organized with this multi-compartment tool bag from Custom LeatherCraft. It’s one of the most expensive ones in the market but you definitely won’t regret buying this one. You’re easily organized with this bag because it has 50 different pockets that you can use to organize your tools and accessories. It has a large center compartment that can carry different power tools and accessories. This tool bag can also support different large handle tools. It has zippered panels that will help you prevent any spillage when storing or carrying the bag around. Expensive but worth it.

Custom LeatherCraft Work Gear Electrical Tool Bag

Another great electrician’s tool bag from Custom LeatherCraft is this one. Unlike the previous product, this one is a whole lot cheaper but, nevertheless, still a great product that’s useful for every electrician out there. It’s a box-shaped tool bag that helps prevent tripping and easily be stored when it’s not needed. This tool bag also has a multi-compartment plastic tray that measures 11 inches by 6 inches. It has 14 different multi-use pockets outside and 7 inside. These pockets help you organize different sizes of tools and accessories easily. Its handle is also extra padded to add to the comfort.

Custom LeatherCraft Work Gear Zippered Electrician Tool Pouch

Custom LeatherCraft 1509 21-Pocket Zippered Professional Electricians Tool Pouch

Another one from Custom LeatherCraft is this professional zippered tool pouch. It’s a more affordable one with a slightly bigger size. it’s a professional-grade tool bag that comes with 21 pockets. It has a zippered top flap that holds all the tools securely when you’re not using the product. The handle on this is ergonomically designed with rubber and its shoulder strap is padded. The pockets on the outside can hold your cellphone and 3 large screwdrivers. It also has a zippered back pocket for an 8-inch by 5-inch writing pad. It has a double layer of 600D polyester fabric.

What to look for

You need a bag that’s not just great to look at but also proves to be useful and value-for-money. There are several things you need to look out for when trying to purchase the perfect electrician tool bag.

  • Size  – thought it’s not necessary that the bag is bigger than the usual, what’s important is that the size will be suitable for what you need to bring at all times. The size must also be compatible with the sizes of the tools and accessories that you will be putting inside the tool bag.
  • Pockets – although you don’t need a lot of pockets, you’re still going to be helped by a tool bag that can keep your tools and accessories as organized as possible. These pockets are not only great for actual tools but also for the different things you usually bring like cellphones and writing pads.
  • Handle and Strap – these must be ergonomically designed to reduce the strain you will feel once you’ve had a long day. The handle must be ergonomically designed with rubber and the handle must be extra padded so you won’t have to feel such strain after your work.


Although these tool bags provide convenience for storing and organizing all your tools, you must keep in mind that you don’t really need such a big bag for all of them. You just need one that can fit all of them without being too big and heavy to bring around when you’re working. Though all of the bags come from one brand, there are also several other brands that offer great tool bags similar to the ones above. Just look for the right one for you.

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