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There are many different types of coffee lovers out there. Some coffee enthusiasts like their brews made from the cold drip method whereas there are some individuals who like to enjoy the beverage straight from an electric percolator. If you’re the latter type of coffee-loving individual, then you need to get the best electric percolator on the market. With that in mind, don’t just run off to the store to buy any percolator you see. Know the best from the rest, and we’re here to help you out in that regard.

Presto 02811 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Begin your fresh coffee brewing lifestyle with the help of the Presto 02811 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. This electric percolator allows you to make up to 12 cups of coffee in one operation. Furthermore, it can boil coffee or water in as fast as 1 minute. It even comes with an easy-to-pour spout, and its vintage design makes it an elegant choice for anyone who has an eye for classic looks.

Farberware Percolator FCP240

The Farberware Percolator FCP240 might not have the same capacity as the Presto 02811, but it can still make pretty good coffee every time. It has a 4-cup capacity, and it’s powered with 1000 watts. The durable stainless steel construction assures users that you’re going to use it for a very long time, and it even has an automatic keep warm mode so you don’t have to worry about drinking cold coffee even if you forget that there’s still some of the beverage inside the container.

West Bend Classic Electric Percolator 54159

West Bend Classic Electric Percolator 12-cup, Stainless-Steel 54159

The West Bend Classic Electric Percolator 54159 comes with a ready-to-serve indicator light so you’ll know when to pour the coffee out of the container. Other features include an automatic keep warm mode and a detachable power cord.

What to Look For?

There are numerous things to consider when buying an electric percolator, especially when you’re trying to make use of the device to brew coffee. First is to check the capacity of the unit; you need to consider the size of the device, especially if there are plenty of coffee-loving people inside the household. Keep in mind that electric percolators will come in different sizes, but manufacturers will usually grant their products to supply users with 2 to 12 cups of coffee in one brewing session. If you’re the only coffee lover inside the home, then a small percolator should suffice.

The next area of concern is to think about the price of the electric percolator. Note that different variations of the product, as well as varying manufacturers, call for unique price tags. Even though percolators aren’t that expensive, you still need to consider your options well. You don’t want to get a unit that will only offer few features but the price tag doesn’t justify that fact. Search for a model that’s at the right price point but has the right level of performance and feature set to give you excellent value for money.


Why would you even want to use an electric percolator to brew coffee when you can just get the beverage from a nearby café? For one thing, it’ll save you a ton of money. Café blends aren’t cheap, and going to a coffee shop every day will definitely put a hole in your pocket. Furthermore, you have no control as to the coffee flavors offered in a coffee shop. So if you want to experiment with different flavors for your next coffee concoction, then you’re fresh out of luck if you go to a café. The use of the best electric percolator gives you the right level of control and functionality while offering you the ability to save more money as compared to buying coffee beverages from a café every day.

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