Best Electric Nail File

If you’re fond of using acrylic nails then you probably know that it can be prone to cracks. You or your nail artist can remedy that by using the best electric nail file. You can keep your nails shiny and the surface smooth by maintaining its condition with the use of an electric nail file. You don’t have to worry about cracking your nail further since you can adjust the speed of the nail file. This is also used to effectively shape your nails with ease. You don’t have to manually file your nails when you have this.

Vogue Professional Electric Nail File Drill

Vogue Professional Electric Easy to use Nail File Drill with 7 Specialty Attachments Bits Manicure Pedicure Acrylics Gels Callus removal All in One

The most popular electric nail file that we found in the market is this one. It has a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy for you to handle as well as bring along if you want to. This product actually has a high-quality construction that’s quite durable and efficient in filing your nails effectively and quickly. It has a high-power mechanism that can give you 2000 to 3500 rpm. The electric cord of this product is quite long reaching 10 feet. You’ll get a storage bag along with your purchase for easy storage as well as transport.

InnoLife Nail Art Drill

InnoLife (ship from USA) Nail Art Drill Treatments KIT Machine Electric File Buffer Bits Acrylics 6 File Pedicure Hands & Nails Repair

Another best-selling and highly recommended product that we found on the market is this one. It even comes with extra nail files and extra tools for cutting, carving and filing the nails effectively. If you’re a professional nail artists or manicurists then you need an efficient electric nail file like this one. It has a modern design that you’ll surely love and the travel-size design makes it easy to carry with your anywhere. You can select from different sanding bits that come with this product. The price is very affordable too. It’s a pretty decent product to use.

Makartt Electric Nail Drill Machine

MAKARTT 30000RPM Nail Drill Machine Electric E File Acrylic Gel Nail Grinder Tool Bits Set Low Heat Low Noise Low Vibration

The last product on our list is another portable electric nail file that you can use. This one has a high-speed set of bearings that you can adjust in order to provide efficient and quick nail filing action. Unlike other products, this one isn’t noisy and it doesn’t give a lot of vibration which can be distracting. This is perfect for professional-level of nail design. Although the size of this product isn’t the most portable out there, it has all the elements that you’ll need for a successful nail filing. You can grind, carve and cut acrylic nails with this.


In order for you to cut, curve, shape and file your acrylic nails effectively and quickly you need to use the best electric nail file there is. Make sure that it’s easy to use and it’s efficient in filing your nails without breaking it. It should also be able to provide you with enough drilling power to smoothly and cleanly give you amazing results. Make sure that it’s made of high-quality materials. It should be durable too. If you want a travel-size one you can get an electric nail file with a portable design.

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