Best Electric Metal Shear

If you have a profession that requires you to work with metal every day, then you need an electric metal shear to go through your everyday tasks. With such a device, you don’t have to worry about manually cutting tough pieces of metal which would otherwise make you pull more muscle than initially required. The device will also give you a significant amount of power and flexibility when working with a piece of metal. It’s now time to replace your old metal shears for an electric model.

Sun Joe HJ602C Grass Shear

Albeit the Sun Joe HJ602C Grass Shear is primarily used on lawns and gardens, its blades are sharp enough to cut through thin pieces of metal. This electric model is cordless, and it comes with a rechargeable 3.6-volt lithium-ion battery. Hence, you won’t be bogged down by the length of any cord because there is none. The device is ETL approved, and it’s reasonably lightweight so you can use it the entire day without having much to worry about regarding weight issues.

Malco TSHD Turboshear

The Malco TSHD Turboshear will turn any power drill into a heavy-duty metal-cutting shear. You can insert this product into a chuck of a 14.4-volt or larger cordless drill. It can cut through an 18-gauge galvanized steel and a 20-gauge spiral duct with minimal effort. The package even includes a clamping device, and users can navigate through tight corners with the use of this model.

Kawasaki 840358 Metal Shear

The Kawasaki brand is known for creating many high-quality tools, and the 840358 Metal Shear is definitely one of them. This electric metal shear has a high-quality construction, and it can cut through metal objects with its powerful 4-amp motor.

What to Look For?

When you’re looking for the best electric metal shears on the market, know that such a device is determined by checking out different yet significant components. Start by taking a look at the design of the electric shears; if you want a smooth and clean finish from the cutting tool, then the blades need to be arranged in such a way that they pass each other. You can also opt for electric shears that have either the swing beam or the slider design.

The slider electric metal shear will utilize a drive system in which it’ll move the bladed portion down and into a position that will become parallel to the fixed blade. As for the electric metal shear that sports the swing beam design, it makes use of a drive system that pivots the moving portion of the blade down to the roller bearings.

Aside from the design of the electric metal shear, you should also look into the speed in which the device can operate. There are high-speed shears on the market, but these usually cost more than simple variants. Nonetheless, if you require heavy-duty work, then a high-speed variant might be a necessity.

Next, you ought to consider checking out the material of the blade. The blade’s construction determines how long will the shears last. You need to look for an electric metal shear that’ll assure you of plenty of workloads without the edge becoming dull. Furthermore, the device should last the test of time, and it should be highly resistant to corrosion, rust, and other forms of damage.


As you look to this guide to help you find the best electric metal shear for your needs, you can bring the ultimate tool to your workstation that’ll provide you with ease-of-use, safety, endurance, and excellent value for money. You might pick one item from this short guide, or perhaps you can let this post assist you in searching for the right model for your specific requirements.

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