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Buying an electric fuel pump might make you think that it’s a difficult process to handle, but it’s not as long as you know what you’re looking for in the device. However, first-time searchers of the item might find it confusing as they’re guided through a complex path of features and designs that makes the experience tougher than initially intended. Just note that an electric fuel pump does the job of pumping fuel to your automobile’s engine, and it should create the right amount of suction to draw fuel from the tank to the gas lines.

Autobest F4027 Universal Electric Fuel Pump

The package that comes with the Autobest F4027 Universal Electric Fuel Pump has an installation hardware, complete instructions, suggested mounting locations, and a mounting bracket. Interested buyers should note that this electric fuel pump will only work on gasoline, but it has superior ethanol resistance to tolerate modern fuel systems. The package also comes with a 5/16-inch strainer type inlet and a 5/16-inch hose bead-type outlet.

Airtex E8016S Universal Electric Fuel Pump

The Airtex E8016S Universal Electric Fuel Pump has advanced brushes, polymers, and commutators to help ensure a long life for the product and to assure users that it can handle more than just the average bumps and scrapes. It has a superior inlet design to make for an enhanced overall performance which can lead to a longer life. The product also has a high-grade outer shell for optimum resistance against corrosion.

W8sunjs Universal Electric Fuel Pump

The W8sunjs Universal Electric Fuel Pump is a 12-volt variant, and interested buyers should make sure that they shouldn’t plug this device into a 24-volt power source. It can work on different types of vehicles, including boats.

What to Look For?

There are different types of fuel pumps on the market, namely mechanical fuel pumps, inline electric fuel pumps, and in-tank electric fuel pumps. To make sure that you know what you’re getting let’s take a deeper look into these variants so that you can purchase the right model for your specific needs.

Starting with mechanical fuel pumps, these are the traditional model of the machine and it’s generally bolted to the automobile’s cylinder head or engine block found on the engine. It also makes use of a drive arm that’s manually entered into the engine, and users will operate the pump through a lobe found on the camshaft.

Up next is the in-tank electric fuel pumps, and these models are usually found in most modern vehicles. This electric fuel pump can deliver 45 to 65-pounds of fuel pressure, and these figures are ideal to keep up with the demands of fuel-injected automobiles. To use the in-tank electric fuel pump, users need to place the device in the tank while keeping the pump cooler submerged in fuel. Another way of using this model is to let the device receive fuel that’s not heated in its movement via the fuel lines.

Lastly, inline electric fuel pumps put users at an advantage as compared to using in-tank electric fuel pumps as the variant doesn’t require a specific place in the vehicle where it can operate properly. Perhaps the most common uses of inline electric fuel pumps can be seen on racing tracks and vehicles, especially for automobiles that have a carburetor converted into a fuel injection system.


Electric fuel pumps don’t fail more often than not, but it doesn’t mean that you should just get any random unit on the market. Know how to locate the best fuel pump on the market for your needs, and you’ll be using it for a very, very long time

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