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Home cooks and even professional chefs acquire an electric frying pan for an easy and convenient way of cooking food. So, if you’re in a dilemma of looking for a substitute or replacement cookware from your typical pots and pans, making meals over the stove top or an open flame can sometimes be tricky especially when it comes to making the pots fit or adjusting to the desired heat temperature. Electric frying pans are the kind of cookware which are designed solely to function wherein the heat source is through the use of electricity as it is never made for stove tops use or direct contact to flames.

Most electric frying pans are quadrilateral particularly square shaped and commonly possesses a thermostat that is easily detachable when it comes to cleaning and washing the pans. Electric frying pans that were designed a few years back tend to have cold and hot spots due to the use of a heated ring built under the bottom of the pan for heat generation. More familiar designs an electric frying pan has it the high-domed lid in order for the home cook to utilize it not just for cooking or frying but also for roasting and baking. However, when it is used for baking, the baker needs to place a metal support onto it and place the baking pan on the top. These lids are usually designed to have a vent in order for the steam to pass through during the cooking process. Further, electric frying pans are an ideal kitchenware for simmering and slow cooking because it is safer to leave unattended for a brief moment compared to cooking on flames. Also, it can maintain its temperature during this time without overheating or burning the food. Electric frying pan can also be utilized for braising stews and some oven-type dishes. Other pans come with ceramic inserts and can be used as slow-cookers. Moreover, they are also a hit at parties where there are used to keep food warm all throughout the event.

Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet

If you enjoy cooking different kinds of meals for your family or are simply looking for a way to change things up in your kitchen, widen your imagination with the Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet. A heavy duty electric frying pan designed with a heavy cost aluminum base which features a superior nonstick surface both inside and outside the base. Like most electric frying pan, this model comes with a detachable heat control. The pan is also paired with a covering lid and both of them are dishwasher safe but the user should keep in mind to remove the heat control. The brim of the pan is designed with a built-in spout for a convenient way of pouring out liquids from the skillet which can also conveniently transform into a spoon and spatula holder during cooking and serving. Another great feature of this skillet is that it has two fold down handles that detaches the pan from its base as handles are folded in making the skillet easy to put away for a compact and convenient storage.

Delight in family dinners and outdoor picnics by using one skillet in cooking all the meals in your menu. There are many varieties you can choose from the preference of every family member like shrimp, fish, pork, chicken, vermicelli, bok choy and even frozen foods. Even your children will appreciate the taste of a home cooked meal compared to getting fast food which are mostly unhealthy and bad for us. The pan is also easy to put together and take apart making it easy and portable for any outdoor trips or camp outs. This product is available in black and burgundy which also lets you enjoy worry-free cooking and guarantee meals that are cooked thoroughly each time. It also comes with a handy instructions manual and helpful illustrations for use. The skillet is also easy to wash by hand using warm water, a soft sponge and a light dish soap.

Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

Another electric frying pan from Presto is the 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover. Compared to the most popular skillet of Presto, this one does not have foldable handles but is just as durable and worth buying. Featuring as well, with a deluxe nonstick surface inside and out, this pan is easy to cook on and completely dishwasher safe for an easy cleaning. Designed with a removable heat control, it is available only in the color black. It can also be utilized as a handy buffet server during catering, parties and outdoor meals or events. Because of the precise temperature control, this item is a total energy saver and very efficient compared to using a gas burner or oven.

The product measures in a rough 16 inches and functions as an electric griddle and skillet. Not only is it efficient but is also a great cost saver in the house. Home cooks can even use the pan for griddling, frying, grilling, braising, roasting and also baking. With the help of a clear glass lid, you can easily keep an eye on the food while it’s cooking without much splattering. A little tip in using the pan in order to maintain its nonstick function is to spray it with oil from time to time. Do not soak the product in water for a long period of time.

Presto 06626 11 inches Electric Skillet w/Glass Lid

The Presto 06626 11 inch Electric Skillet is another electric frying pan with high sides and comes with a tempered glass cover that is designed ideally for breakfast, lunch and dinner preparations. Just like the 06852 model, the glass lid is a very convenient way to keep an eye on your cooking. It is also designed with a deluxe nonstick surface inside and out for continuous cooking without food sticking everywhere and no scour cleaning. This electric frying pan is also dishwasher safe just make sure to remove the heat control before washing. Pesto’s heat control always maintains the proper cooking temperature to ensure produce meals every single

This product heats up quickly giving you time to cook even if you’re always in a hurry. The nonstick feature is very efficient in cooking and a simple wipe with a paper towel becomes an easy clean up when you have the next batch of dishes to cook. The skillet’s cooking are is a good 11 by 11 inches with a power cable measuring 30 inches long. This item is compact and great for small spaces, especially small apartments. It is also a good energy saver compared to using a range burner or oven.

Elite Cuisine EFS-400 Maxi-Matic 7-Inch Non-Stick Electric Skillet with Glass Lid

The Elite Cuisine EFS-400 Maxi-Matic 7-Inch Non-Stick Electric Skillet also comes with a tempered glass lid that has a cool-touch knob. This product is probably the most affordable electric frying pan on the list. It measures a good 7 by 7 inches with a small serving capacity of 32 ounces. It is equipped with an adjustable temperature control and a nonstick surface for cooking versatility. Additionally, it has a removable locking handle for easy cleaning and easy storage. This item can also be handled easily and transported anywhere you go.

Additionally, it has a removable locking handle for easy cleaning and easy storage. This item can also be handled easily and transported anywhere you go. The Elite Cuisine 7” Electric Skillet is small in size and compact making it the ideal appliance for small kitchens, camp outs and other outdoor events. This product is good for making scrambled eggs, frying bacon, making pancakes and even fine cuisines.

Cuisinart CSK-150 1500-Watt Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet

If you want an electric skillet that can last for years, introducing the Cuisinart CSK-150 1500-Watt Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet without worrying about Teflon wearing off. This product is powered by 1500 watt with provides home users a 12 by 15 inches nonstick cooking surface. It is equipped with a temperature control dial with an indicator light that adjusts from cool to warm up to 450 degrees F quickly. If you want to save time in in cooking and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal that is well done every time, this pan is perfect. It also includes a glass cover with a stainless steel rim and handle to easily glance at your food while its cooking without the occasional opening and checking which can sometimes cause a slow cooking process. The pan is also built with side handles to allow easy and safe transport around the kitchen or even during a family cook

The pan is also built with side handles to allow easy and safe transport around the kitchen or even during a family cookout. The product is housed in brushed stainless steel that is completely dishwasher safe. It you prefer to hand wash the item, make sure to use a soft sponge and a light dish soap to help maintain the nonstick function and durability of the pan. A high-quality product built according to North American Electrical Standards that ensures people it is a worthy buy.


The secret to keeping the functionality of an electric frying pan can come down on maintenance. The users should always make sure to remove the heat controller before washing the pan in the dishwasher or by hand over the sink. They should never use harsh detergents or strong dishwasher soap when cleaning the pan. Using a soft and smooth sponge instead of hard and rough surfaces cleaning cloths is highly advisable in order to prevent the nonstick coating from coming off.

Surely most electric frying pan nowadays may seem to only vary in size but the best electric frying pan is built from high quality materials and can last for a long time. They also maintain their nonstick surface even after cooking hundreds of recipes over time. Make sure to get the pan that will suit your preference not only putting consideration on your budget but also in space, quality and functionality.

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