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Setting a romantic date means having a sweet ambiance complete with a dinner table set for two among other ideas that one might have. However, that won’t be possible without the presence of candles. The candles add a dramatic effect to the whole scenery. Though romantic dates are a bit expensive to create, you might as well try to save for the succeeding dates that you might have, and one thing to do here is by replacing the usual candles with electric ones. With the best electric candle, you can recreate the scene without spending too much or just use it in case there’s a blackout.

Vont Flameless LED Tea Light Candles

For the best electric candle, it’s basically imitating the original candle thus making it safe for everyone else to use even though you leave it overnight. As long as you have the Vont Flameless LED Tea Light Candles, you won’t have to worry about the darkness again. The Vont Flameless LED Tea Light Candles comes in a pack of 24 wherein each of it provides realistic LED tea light candles through the use of batteries. Speaking of, the batteries come pre-installed and can be used by simply turning on the switch from each candle with a life expectancy of more than 100 hours of light time.

Divine LEDs Flameless Candles

If you want a bit of excitement with your electric candle, you might want to buy the next product for that reason. Unlike original candles, the Divine LEDs Flameless Candles can provide excitement with its flickering mode activated. The Divine LEDs Flameless Candles come in 6 pack with each providing yellow light while the outside construction having real wax decoration for genuine appeal. The batteries inside each candle are what keeps it alight for more than 100 hours of use, and it’s removable once it runs out. Moreover, it comes with a 10-year warranty for you.

Instapark LCL Series Flameless LED Tealight Candles

If you’re looking for an all-around electric candle, look no more as the next product is for you to take. Whatever the event is and where you are, the Instapark LCL Series Flameless LED Tealight Candles can provide light in any dark situation. The Instapark LCL Series Flameless LED Tealight Candles to come in a pack of 24 pieces, capable of lighting a single room brightly or adding a dramatic effect on a scenery. Each candle are powered by a replaceable battery with an estimation of more than 100 hours of light. Not only it provides stable light but it also adds flickering as one of its modes. This can be activated simply by turning the switch on.


An electric candle is a great alternative to real candle especially if you’re looking to avoid any potential accident. With the use of an electric candle, you can provide light anytime and anywhere without the risk of burning something including yourself. With that said, the best electric candle is Vont Flameless LED Tea Light Candles.

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