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Egg candling got its name from the process of observing the embryo using candles. Obviously, this process led to complications like heating the eggs from the flame of the candles and, eventually, damaging it. It was only recently that egg candlers were made to help fix the problem of heating the eggs. Using LED lights, one can already observe the progress of the embryo by just merely placing it on top of a cup.

Through egg candles, one can simply just hold an egg up on a candler and mark one’s observations. These candlers are made with cups and LED lights that are bright enough to see through the shell, even through dark-colored egg shells. Most of the egg candlers look like flashlights and have wires that need to be plugged for the egg candler to function. These egg candlers obviously won’t heat up your egg and will make observing easy and fun.

With the abundance of egg candlers in the market, here are top 5 egg candles that people chose in the market.

Magicfly Egg Candler

If you’re looking for a really bright candler that will help you learn through the process, then this one from Magicfly is for you. It’s not only very useful but also very affordable as well.

This high-intensity egg candling lamp is very useful for monitoring the development of an egg. It provides high-intensity lumens, giving off 220-240 lumens, for a super cool led light that will not lead to complications in the future and is safe for observing your eggs. The cup at the end is soft enough for your eggs and will not break them when you use this product. The materials used for making this candler are high-quality to make it last a really long time. This is powered by 110 volts with a cord length of 1.2 meters. The length itself is also very convenient because it’s long enough to reach different places. This will work with different eggs easily, even those with dark colors.

Although this product may seem weak to touch, it will undeniably last long. It’s convenient, useful, and long-lasting. At such an affordable price, you won’t think twice about buying this product.

Farm Innovators Egg Candler

If a lightweight candler is what you need, Farm Innovators has it for you. This candler also has features that are very suitable for kids who want to learn.

This egg candler can look through really dark eggs, such as Marans eggs, which will be convenient for you. This also helps you identify if the embryo inside is infertile. This egg candler plugs into a standard US 120-Volts electrical outlet. It’s also pretty lightweight, so if you’re going to use this in school with kids, they won’t have a problem with its weight. Not only that, this egg candler is also very affordable. However, it doesn’t have an on/off switch so after plugging, it immediately turns itself on. If this is what you’re looking for, consider this product. It’s also quite affordable so you’re good to go.

Yoosoo Egg Candler

If you prefer an egg candler with a long cord, this one from Yoosoo is made with a long electrical cord. It also features a bright yet cool led light that’s suitable for observing and monitoring. It’s somehow expensive than others but still affordable.

This egg candler features a led light that has a high-intensity yet super cool that makes it safe for illuminating your eggs. With this, you can easily monitor the progress of development for your eggs without heating them up.  The cup on this egg candler will also be compatible to any kind of egg as long as you hold it properly. With 1.2 meters for its cord, you can move a lot without worrying about unplugging the candler. The cup on this item will also be safe for your eggs and will not harm or damage them. It also has an on and off button for you to press.

It’s quite pricey but will all of the features, you won’t regret buying this one. Monitoring and observing eggs will be so much easier if you have this egg candler.

Flexzion Egg Candler

Just like other candlers, this can also be used for darker eggs but for a cheaper price. It’s also designed to let you hold it easily without dropping the egg. It’s not only useful and convenient but also affordable.

This egg candler is built with an on and off button. It’s also made from durable materials that will help it last long. Once you turn it on, it immediately illuminates the egg with high-intensity lumens without heating it up or causing future complications. Even though it gives off a really bright light, the egg candler doesn’t heat up so it still feels comfortable for your hands when observing. If you’re going to use this with kids, you don’t have to worry about safety because it’s extremely easy to use and safe for kids. Learning and monitoring don’t have to be such a boring thing to do with this egg candler. This way, you’ll get to see and monitor the developing embryo easily.

For easiness, comfort, and usefulness, this egg candler will easily make it to your top 5 choices. It’s affordable and lightweight.

Brinsea Candling Lamp

Deviating from the usual look of egg candlers, this candler from Brinsea Products features a whole new look. You don’t have to hold it but, instead, you can just place it on any flat surface and observe. The price of this product will definitely raise eyebrows but it’s going to be worth it.

This egg candler features a different design from the usual looks. It has a stand with a cup that can hold the egg while you observe it. This allows you to concentrate on observing instead of worrying about the egg falling from the cup or the candler. The bulb on this egg candler features a high efficiency LED light that will make observing easier and more entertaining, without heating the egg. You also don’t have to think about replacing the bulb ever because of this feature. Not only that, the candler’s also comes with 4AA batteries that are rechargeable. You can place this candler anywhere you like for convenience. This isn’t just for light colored eggs, but also for dark colored ones as well. There’s also an on/off button for you to press if you want to use it or turn it off.

Each Brinsea product comes with a full 2-year warranty. You no longer have to be limited to the length of the wire nor will you feel tired from constantly holding the eggs when you observe them. With no bulb replacements plus a portable candler, you will surely love this product as soon as you receive it.

What to look for

Not all candlers are good for observing. Some of them heat up, while others easily break. To help you find a candler, here are criteria for candlers that will help isolate the most suitable for you:

  • Light – this is the most important part of a candler. The LED light must be just right for you to be able to get the best results. If the LED light’s too bright, it may heat up and cause damage to your egg. If it’s too dim, you may not be able to see clearly and fail to observe the process properly. So just look for the best LED light that’s not too bright and not too dim. The LED light on the candler must also be able to see through even the darkest eggs. Not all eggs are lightly colored so this is a very important aspect.
  • Cup – the cup must be able to hold the egg properly and keep it in place. Most candlers need to be held while observing so the cup must be able to hold the egg and secure it from falling. The cup must also be a snug fit to hold the egg at a height that’s just right for observing.
  • Handle – the handle must be comfortable enough for the holder to last the entire observation. It must also give you a grip that won’t easily slip from your hands, even when they start to get moist from all that activity.
  • Wire – if the handler isn’t rechargeable or wireless, then the wire must significantly be long enough to be brought for convenient observation. If it’s too short, you may not be able to perform the task well.


Observing the embryo throughout the entire process is fun when you’re equipped with the best. To make this experience an efficient one, you need to have a candler that can meet your needs. Not all egg candlers are compatible with every kind of egg, some of these might even damage the embryo during observation. So, you need to be very careful and get the best one to avoid any hassle during the process. With the list above, surely you already know the best one for you.

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