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Dusters are known to shove away dust and dirt over tables, furniture or cabinets but it usually just creates more dust in the air which results in an unhealthy environment. It is better to pick out a duster that doesn’t just push away dust but rather attracts them. The best dusters are usually hypoallergenic and can clean up dirt completely without spreading it in the air. Some characteristics of the best dusters are soft, pliable, bendable and can extend up to the ceiling. There is also a way to dust correctly and prevent from stirring them all over the place through a dusting technique. First, pull the head of the duster along the target surface by using a steady and even stroke. Come to a dead stop at the duster from the surface as the dust is attracted usually by static electricity. With a good and effective duster, the homeowner should be able to maintain the cleanliness and order of their home. They may also choose to have the furniture polished and wipe occasionally despite the use of dusters in order to enhance the shines of the surfaces of their furniture.

OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster

The Oxo Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster is the most popular companion when it comes to fighting dust and dirt all over the furniture, windows, carpet and other home appliances. Completely designed with a lightweight and aluminum body, it can be handled by people of all ages even the children will be glad to help out with the cleaning because of the efficiency and ease of use this duster offers. Additionally, the body of the OXO Good Grips Duster and extend up to 54 inches long and with a simple and quick twist, it can easily dust hard to reach places. Imagine your ceiling fans, chandeliers high cupboards and book shelves looking spick and span without the trouble of getting a ladder or climbing on chairs. It brings risk free and safe cleaning for all households. This tool also features a rotatable head which rotates as much as 270 degrees making it super adjustable to clean under the tables and other nooks and crannies without dusting off the dirty side of the brush as you go. Not only does it save time but also helps you dust off the area well.

This product is so convenient to use. It will not make you reach for any towel, rags or wipes to get rid of the dust you have in your living room. It is the only tool you’ll need without the assistance of other cleaning agents as well if you don’t like being exposed to or dealing with other chemical products during cleaning. You will also find a button near the head that moves it with a single push also locking it in place. The arms are extended with a simple twist of the handle to loosen and another twist to tighten. Trap dust and enjoy a cleaner and healthier home with the OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster.

OXO Good Grips Microfiber Delicate Duster

OXO introduces another amazing duster which is the Good Grips Delicate Duster. Compared to the most popular one on the list, this duster is small and portable for a convenient storage in any room or cabinets in the house. This is not your average feather duster because just like the extendable one, it is designed with a microfiber head that is capable of trapping and holding dust rather than shoving them away and making them fly all over the place creating an unhealthy environment especially for the children. Cleaning with this product does not require any liquids or other chemical cleaners as it does the job nicely and effectively. It is built with a sturdy and lightweight handle that will not easily break designed to be soft and comfortable to the touch. The fluffy head also allows wide coverage of dusting from picture frames, souvenir items, figurines, and other delicate items around your house or your office.

Another useful feature of this duster is that it has a removable head that allows the user for a hands free washing. Simply push the button located near the neck and you can safely machine wash the microfiber brush. Surely you will be using your microfiber duster, that is why, it has an available replacement head so you’ll always have a spare. The handle is also designed with a hole so that it can easily be hanged for safekeeping when not in use. Maintain a clean and dustless home or office by getting your own OXO microfiber brush that would truly change the way you dust.

Pure Care Microfiber Duster

Pure Care Microfiber Duster with Extension Pole,Flexible, Bendable, Washable, Lint Free, Hypoallergenic Large Microfiber Head, Includes Lightweight Telescopic Pole, Saves Time & Money

The PureCare Microfiber Duster is a product that focuses on user’s awareness not only to the presence of dust but also to the potential toxic chemicals and heavy metals it carries. According to research conducted by the Silent Spring Institute, chemicals like home pesticides and flame retardants are found in vinyl flooring, backpacks, and personal care products present at home. This, of course, as side from the common bacteria and fungi found in dust and dirt in our homes. That is why PureCare designed their duster with a hypoallergenic large microfiber head to effectively trap potential toxic dust in an instant without allowing them to fly or spread all over the room. It will also not trigger any allergies, especially to the young ones or babies. The microfibers make sure to lock in the dust and other dirt particles brushed from a different home appliance and other furniture or objects that need cleaning and dusting.

Designed with an extension pole with a bendable, washable and lint free microfiber head, it can easily clean areas and hard to reach places such as ceiling fans, windows sill, walls, corners, picture frames, chandeliers, wooden floors, and blinds. Further, it comes with a lightweight telescopic pole that is easy to handle. Clean up without using a ladder or chair to reach far and high areas at home. Be confident in breathing and living in a dust free environment with PureCare’s Microfiber Duster.

Norpro Pure Lambs Wool Duster

Norpro 24-Inch Pure Lambs Wool Duster with Wood Handle

If you’re looking for an effective way to eliminate dust and remove pet hair all over your house, then check out Norpro Pure Lamb Wool Duster. This product is made from a premium quality lamb’s wool which is infused with natural lanolin that allows it to shave off dust, hair, dirt and other small particles found around the house. They become attracted to the duster like magnet without the assistance of any cleaning agents or chemicals leaving a smooth and clean surface. This item measures 25.5 inches long from the head to the handle. The handle is also made of wood designed with a hole for convenient storage and accessible anytime needed. The duster, which is 100% lambswool, guarantees not to leave a scratch on your delicate displays or glass counters as well as chandeliers, automobiles, desktop computers, laptops, picture frames, plant leaves, furniture, blinds and bookshelves. It is also easy to clean using a mild detergent or wool shop duster shampoo.

The handle also enables users to access high places without having to pull out a chair or climb a ladder. Additionally, if you are a pet lover particularly of fury animals, this brush is super effective in removing all sheds and fallen hair from pets or even humans. Truly, the struggle is real when it comes to dealing with hair all over the furniture and the floor as there is no way to completely get rid of them by wiping, mopping or sweeping. This item will not blow away dust or hair but rather keep them securely attached in the wool for easy disposal.

Ettore 31028 Professional Cobweb Duster with Pole

Ettore 31028 Professional Cobweb Duster with Pole

The Ettore 31028 Professional Cobweb Duster is capable of easily cleaning a variety of surface and removes unwanted dust, cobwebs and dirt from walls, ceilings, cornices, cupboards, floors and more. Designed with a long pole that can extend up to 118 inches, this product is ideal for cleaning high corners and hard to reach places as well as crown moldings. Don’t settle for inefficient cleaners that does not even help in eliminating dust rather spread them around the house. Due to the electrostatic capability of the feathers, it is able to trap dust and avoid it from spreading.

The advantage of keeping a room clean and free of any cobwebs also keeps away spiders and other insects from staying in your home. It will prevent you family from catching any virus or bacteria that these insects potentially carry making your house not only clean but also healthy to live in.


Now that you know the several characteristics and features of best dusters, it is important that buyers should also have an idea how to properly maintain their homes. A duster alone cannot solve the dust and dirt issue present in an area. It is also necessary to clean on a regular basis to avoid accumulation of dust that can cause a number of health problems to the members of the household.

Picking out the best duster won’t making cleaning a chore rather an enjoyable activity that you can do with your children also. Keep confident without pet hair all over the furniture and dust bunnies under the tables with just one sweep of the duster.

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