Best Dry Measuring Cup

When it comes to creating meals, being keen on the amount of each recipe needed to create one is very important since it can basically ruin the overall taste of the food. In this case, even chefs make use of measuring cups to accurately measure the amount of spice, and spices can either come as a liquid content or dry content. With that said, there are actually two types of measuring cups, a wet measuring cup, and a dry measuring cup. In this case, we’re going to stick with the best dry measuring cup that you can use to get the best out of the food’s taste.

Fred & Friends Dry Measuring Cups

For the best dry measuring cup, it’s about providing fun while measuring different dry ingredients. For the Fred & Friends Dry Measuring Cups, it features a Matryoshka design that could come in either red or white color. Moreover, the set of Fred & Friends Dry Measuring Cups come in in 6 pieces. Each piece has a size of 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 2/3 cup, 3/4 cup, and 1-cup. Durability is one of the key features here with the high impact polystyrene material of the cups. With the doll-like cup having flattened bottom and top, it can stand upright on its own.

IPOW Dry Measuring Cup

If you’re all for durability and lightweight for your dry measuring cup, you’ll want to get the next product then. With the use of IPOW Dry Measuring Cup, using and cleaning the dry measuring cup is easier than ever before. The IPOW Dry Measuring Cup is constructed of sturdy stainless steel making it durable and easy to clean at the same time. Moreover, it doesn’t only measure dry content but it can also for liquid content. To make things better for the user, it comes with soft handles with different colors in tow. Consisting of 5 different cup sizes, here’s what you’re getting – 1/8 cup 30ml, 1/4 cup 60ml, 1/3 cup 80ml, 1/2 cup 125ml and 1 cup 250ml.

Fred NESTED Hen & Chick Dry Measuring Cups

Should you wish to veer away from the normal design of dry measuring cup, perhaps you might want to try the next product for yourself. For every time you use the Fred NESTED Hen & Chick Dry Measuring Cups, you’re going to have a smile on your face, as to why that’s because of the chicken design construction of each cup. In a set of 6, the Fred NESTED Hen & Chick Dry Measuring Cups are usable in the kitchen with colored chicken inside. For the size of the cup, it ranges between the ¼ cup and full cup.


There are few things to consider when getting a dry measuring cup. Those factors depend on what you find useful for your needs. The size for more accurate measuring and the material for ease of use. If you want durability, go with stainless steel as they come very cheap, too. Otherwise, go with others. With that said, the best dry measuring cup is Fred & Friends Dry Measuring Cups.

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