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For players, it’s very convenient to bring around a bag that’s specifically designed to meet their needs. For drummers, drumstick bags are definitely a necessity, especially during travel. These bags hold a lot of items, not only a lot of pairs of drumsticks but also other items like mallets or brushes. These drumstick bags are also a very convenient way to have all your needed items in reach when you’re playing.

These bags also help with bringing them around since most are made with materials that are durable and long-lasting. These bags have lots of pockets that will let you store different items, even your phones, and car keys. No need to have them far away, because, with this, you can keep them within reach. To help you look for the best drumstick bag, below are the top 5 choices for drumstick bags.

Meinl Percussion Standard Drumstick Bag

If you’re a very organized person, this drumstick bag is specially designed for people like you. It’s also great for heavy duty work and a lot of traveling. It’s quite affordable and won’t really hurt your budget if you’re looking for a reliable bag.

This bag is made from strong nylon that will hold up to a lot of different activities for a long time. It’s not only spacious but also pretty big to hold snare sticks but not bulky The bag is designed with many compartments of different sizes inside and outside the bag. It’s perfect for people who are organized with all of their items. The compartments inside are perfect for your drumsticks, mallets, brushes, and a lot of different accessories. Compartments outside provide an extra pocket for just about anything that you can think of placing inside. All of these items are held together by a heavy-duty zipper that might need to breaking in but will assure you a long life. You can also hang this bag on a floor tom, with thick adjustable straps.

All of your items are now within reach with this drumstick bag. It’s not only spacious and convenient, it’s also heavy-duty and long-lasting. It comes in 3 different designs: plain black, black with design, and camouflage.

ChromaCast Drumstick Bag

Are you looking for a drumstick bag that has multiple pockets? If yes, ChromaCast offers a drumstick bag that has different pockets with different sizes. It’s durable and affordable.

The main pocket of this drumstick bag can hold 10 to 12 pairs of drumsticks easily. It also has two interior pockets that will hold drum keys and other small items that can fit in the pocket, like your cell phone or car keys. The pockets are designed with convenience in mind so you won’t have to bring a lot when you have this bag. It also has a large exterior pocket that can store bigger items for easy access. The handle of this bag is reinforced so it can handle the weight of all the things you will place inside. It also has dual ties to let you attach the bag from the floor to any stand for easy reach. It’s made of durable nylon canvas that’s strong and long-lasting.

This isn’t only great for drumsticks but for other things, like cymbals or even photography accessories, as well. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose bag that has big pockets, then definitely put this up on your top 5.

OnStage Drumstick Bag

Here’s an absolutely affordable bag from OnStage. It’s made with the convenience and affordability in mind. If you don’t want to spend a lot but still want a reliable bag, here’s the right one for you.

The material used for this bag is nylon. This drumstick can fit up to 10 pairs of drumsticks or any kind of sticks in its inner pockets. If you don’t plan on using this just for drumsticks, you can also use this for mallets and/or brushes. The three vertical pockets inside allow you to organize the items so you can maximize the space within the pockets. It also has a front pouch so you can store any item you want for easy access. The 2-pull zipper is oversized and can hold all the items inside without breaking or tearing. This bag is also designed with a mounting string that will let you attach it to a floor tom-tom.

If you want an affordable and durable bag, you will definitely put this on your list.

Avedis Zildjian Company Drumstick Bag

If you’re looking for a big drumstick bag, then this will be a great option. It’s also strong enough to last for a long time. If you wanna put a lot of things in it, it can still hold up very well. It’s also very affordable so you will definitely love this one.

This is made from a strong canvas material that will last for a very long time. It can also withstand wear and tear and is perfect for traveling. This standard Zildjian drumstick has a lot of room in it to put it 10-12 sticks. It also has 2 big pockets inside that will hold a lot of different items. If you decide to put a lot of items inside, you don’t need to worry about the zipper because it can also hold everything in without breaking or tearing apart. This drumstick bag also has an outer Velcro pocket that can also hold a lot of different accessories.With this feature, you will have a lot of items within reach. It also features a sturdy handle.

If you’re looking for a very simple bag but can hold a lot, this one is a great choice. It’s also very affordable so you can save up on a lot of money.

YMC Foam Drum Stick Bag

This foam drumstick bag is high-quality and is suitable for any drummer on the go. It’s reinforced to withstand wear and tear for a long time. It’s also one of the most affordable drumstick bags in the market.

It’s made of durable nylon that can handle tough situations, especially frequent use. The 10-millimeter foam on this bag will also help protect your sticks during travel. Perfect for a drummer with a lot of gigs. This drumstick bag can easily carry up to 10 pairs of drumsticks or any kind of sticks and mallets. It has three inner vertical pockets, one large pocket, and 2 pen/part holders, that will be useful for your other accessories, making it easy to reach and perfect for storage during gigs. It also allows you attach it to mounting clips for easy reach during playing. This drumstick bag comes in four different colors: black, red, blue, and coffee.

If you’re very wary about your drumsticks getting broken or damaged during travel, opt to buy this one. It’s built with foam to ensure that your drumsticks will safely be transported place to place and gig to gig.

What to look for

When looking for a drumstick bag, you have to consider that the product must be able to withstand wear and tear. To find the best kind of drumstick bag, here are criteria you should definitely consider when choosing:

  • Material – is the material used for the drumstick bag durable? Most notable heavy-duty materials are nylon and canvas. These two materials are proven to last long and can withstand wear and tear. If you travel a lot, then you have to be sure that the bag won’t break while you travel.
  • Size – of course, one or two pairs of drumsticks is not enough, even for beginners. You always need to have back ups. You need to look for a bag that can hold a lot, like 10 or more. This way, you won’t have to worry about the drumsticks when traveling. The size is also important because the bag needs to be convenient enough to bring around.
  • Pockets – the bag doesn’t necessarily need to have a lot of pockets, but the pockets need to be suitable for the drumsticks. There should also be extra pockets that are allotted for other accessories or items you want to place inside the bag for easy access. The pockets may not necessarily vary in size but it’s more convenient to have pockets that are specially designed for small or big items.
  • Mounting strap – there should also be a mounting strap so you can easily place the bag within reach, especially when you are playing. This way not only is it convenient to bring a lot of pairs but also convenient when you are playing. These straps must also be very durable in case there are a lot of things placed inside.


These drumstick bags are made to help you bring a lot of pairs, the ones you would really use and backups. This way you won’t have to be burdened about the idea of not having backups when something unfortunate happens. These bags have been innovated to not only bring drumsticks around but also other items like mallets and brushes. With convenience and comfort in mind, you will surely get what you want with these bags.

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