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Aside from the bed, the dresser is one of the most vital pieces of furniture inside the bedroom. In fact, many homeowners deem its importance to be only in second place as compared to the bed. It’s a means to keep all your clothes, lingerie, linens, and other items safe. Many dressers also harmonize with a bedroom’s motif. Hence, it’s a functional and stylish way to beautify the room.

When you’re shopping for a new bedroom dresser, it’s essential to know the factors that will lead you to have peace of mind and excellent value for money with the purchase.

South Shore Libra Collection 3-Drawer Chest

The South Shore Libra Collection 3-Drawer Chest has dimensions of 27 inches in its width and 13.5 inches measured front-to-back. This particular drawer has a CARB compliant composite wood construction that carries the Forest Stewardship Council certification. It’s finished with a laminated chocolate wood grain coating, and owners can take advantage of 3 spacious pull-out drawers. The glides are assured to last for a lifetime, and each compartment includes stops and dampers. Furthermore, the drawers in the chest have antique finish metal handles to complete the vintage look.

Sterilite 01986P01 3 Weave Drawer Unit

The overall dimensions of the Sterilite 01986P01 3 Weave Drawer Unit are 19 x 20 x 29 inches, and the unit includes 3 drawers right from the get-go. It’s an ideal piece of furniture for organizing things around the home. As such, it’s not just for the bedroom. The weave pattern adds a pleasing touch to the unit, and it allows the drawer unit to become immediately visible inside rooms. Each drawer also includes pull out handles for easy access to the spacious compartments.

Stork Craft Kenton 5 Drawer Universal Dresser

Stork Craft Kenton 5 Drawer Universal Dresser, Black

The design of the Stork Craft Kenton 5 Drawer Universal Dresser is neither too fancy nor too simple, which is what many homeowners might want in a piece of functional furniture. Its design can fit just about any home d├ęcor, and it even includes 5 spacious compartments wherein you can fit inside multiple sets of clothes, accessories, or perhaps even toys. Interested buyers should take note that this drawer doesn’t come fully assembled. As such, prepare to spend a bit of time assembling the parts before you can truly marvel at its presence.

What to Look For?

Before anything else, perhaps the most important factor to look in a bedroom dresser is its size. After all, it wouldn’t matter if it has the right design if you can’t fit it inside your room. Interested buyers should measure the space in their bedroom first where the piece of furniture will go. If you’re planning to place the dresser in a corner, make sure to check any adjacent doors if they allow adequate space whenever they’re opened. Also, pay close attention the dresser’s product description when you’re shopping online so you’ll know if it’s the right size for space.

Once you’ve acquired the proper measurements, you can now proceed with selecting the right design for your soon-to-be new dresser for your room. However, know that the term “dresser” is just a blanket term, and it might even include armoires and chests.

So now you might be wondering as to what’s the difference between dressers, armoires, and chests. Dressers will usually have a waist-high height, and its width will be larger than its height and depth. Dressers will also commonly have between six and nine drawers.

As for chests, or chest of drawers, these are smaller than the standard dresser and will usually have three or more drawers stacked together. However, some chests will be taller than the conventional dresser design as some can go as tall as chest high for their height.

Lastly, the armoire can have an average height of approximately 60 inches or 5 feet. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that is a common container to house weapons in the past. Aside from guns and other weapons, you can also make use of its containers to place clothes and lingerie in it.


Looking for the best dresser on the market is vital as it adds added style and functionality to any bedroom. As such, you need to assure yourself that you’re getting the right one for your room so that you can make full use of its drawers and other compartments.

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